I'm 49 and on TRT for over 2 years; prescribed 400 mg test cyp every 2 weeks with Testim on days 10 to 14 to smooth out rollercoaster. I changed to 200 mg per week and not using testim.
I've read threads on how to best apply testim in tube so I though I would describe how I do it, which I think gets the most out of it.
First I shave parts that I will apply to - shoulders, inside upper arms, upper thighs. I squeeze out half on left hand and apply to right shoulder and inside upper right arm. THen do same on left shoulder/arm with right hand, emptying tube. THen I drip a little warm water on hands, rub in a little and spread over sides of abdomen and upper thighs, and then use a little more water and spread the little that remains over inner thighs and outside upper arms. This gets the little thats still on my hands onto the other body parts. I've tried the latex gloves and it was a hassle. Doing it this way uses every last drop and spreads it out over a wider area. BTW, I do this right after getting out of shower so I have time to let it dry before dressing.
Hope this helps.