New Jersey Doctors

  1. New Jersey Doctors

    Doea anyone know of any primary physicians in nprthern or central nj who have good connections/recommendations for other doctors specializing in male hormone treatment? I am loojing for a new primary and figure id would be wise to find one who knows the well reputed in the area.

    Or, anyone know of any primary docs in that area who are great at hormone treatment on their own?


  2. Any takers?

  3. DR Michael Overbeck, conshohocken PA - Very compassionate as well looks for other areas out side hormones where other Dr do not even consider.
    I am not a medical Dr, please keep in mind that this answer is for information purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose, treat or replace sound medical advice from your physician or health care provider.

  4. Thank you for the response! Hopefully some others can chime in with a doc just a littlw closer for me

  5. Hey scrocco. I will give you the name of my doc. I'm assuming you aren't far from the GW Bridge based on where you are looking. I've been seeing this guy since I was 23 and now Im 35. I used to live in Westchester NY and would see him in Yonkers, but he also has an office in the Bronx off 238th St and Broadway. Name is Nadem Sayegh. I would say 90% of his patients are diabetics and the other 10% are hormone related. I now live in Lehigh Valley, PA and still drive to see him. Actually went today. His Bronx office is literally 15 min once you get on GW Bridge. Try him out or at least give them a call. He's very good and doesn't BS. If you tell him something is not working he will try something else. Does lots of labs to get the details, but if comes back normal he'll still move forward w/treatment. IMO. i.e. I started when I was 23 on the gels. Now I'm on cyp, Az and B-12. Still feel like crap but that's my fault due to other helath concerns I continue to ignore. Anyway, p# 718-601-3300 MWF (Bronx) 9am-noon, TT (Yonkers) 914-376-diet 1pm-4pm Hope this helps.

  6. Thank you for the reference, i will definitely look into the dr that you mentioned.


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