Something is lowering my BP, in a good way.

  1. Something is lowering my BP, in a good way.

    So going to my PCP isn't getting me the Androgel I needed. I've been on it before and wanted to go back on it as I'm experiencing the same symptoms as before. This is a different Doc now than I had before so he's saying no to my" within Normal Range" testosterone.

    Anyway something interesting has been happening. I had a friend who gave me some androgel and I've ben doing that for about 1 month at 3 pumps per day. A low dose.

    But I've also been doing Formestanzol and PES Erase. 10 pumps of the Formestanzol and 1 pill of the Erase. I recently got by new bottle of Form last week and it was about that time that my BP dropped from about stage 1-2 High Blood Pressure down to pre-hypertensive.

    At first I thought maybe it was the weight loss and the exercise that's happening regularly and hitting it somewhat hard. But I got a new doctor because the other one wasn't meeting my needs. So today I stopped everything as in one week I'm going in to get all my tests at the lab done so maybe he can give me androgel legitimately.

    Well about halfway through the day I start feeling a little crappy. and I check my BP 2-4 times a day. This morning it was around Pre-hypertensive as usual for lately, then it started going up as the day went on. and pre-hyper I mean like about 133 over 83.
    that's what it's bee around for the past week.

    So I'm feeling now like I'm starting to bloat a little with water retention, and I'm wondering if one of the 2 supplements I am on Forma or Erase is helping my BP to lower itself from the water loss?

    I am 49 next month and stand at 5'9" and I'm weighing about 240. In the past 5 years my wife's had 2 babies and I've lost a lot of muscle mass and strength. my BP has also gone up between stage 1 and stage 2. The BP meds they gave me don't agree with me. One gave me super bad anxiety and the other puts me to sleep. So I got to a point to where I was done with being overweight and got the Androgel and started taking my 2 supps and things have started changing for me. I've lost 8 pounds in one month. My body is changing shape, and my muscle mass and strength are coming back.

    But as I said I've stopped everything so I can try to give my Dr a baseline for me.

    Any input regarding the BP lowering while doing these supps would be appreciated.

  2. im only 27 but suffer from pre-hypertension/low stage 1 (it seems to be dependent on my diet and stress levels, though) but thankfully was in the normal range the past couple of times i've had it checked. being so young, i didn't want to get on rx meds for it, so i did tons of research and found studies suggesting estrogen has the opposite effect on men's blood pressure as women's. generally, estrogen keeps women's BP down, but some studies have shown it raises it in men. more specifically, they seem to have (at least in study/theory) linked higher estradiol levels in men to higher blood pressure. erase is supposed to help with estrogen, so maybe it's a residual effect from this.

    i'm currently on erase 3 caps per day and haven't checked my blood pressure (i'm in the middle of exams and i know it'll be elevated and i don't want to obsess over it - well, i checked it once on my home monitor and although it read high, that monitor seems to read high anyway..... it was what prompted me to make an appointment last time, and it ended up being ok at the doctors office, so i figure it's pretty close to normal, or normal for me), but i haven't really noticed any effects from erase one way or another (body composition, etc).

    glad to hear its down regardless!

  3. Hey thanks for the reply. I was thinking it was either the erase or the formastanzol I am doing. I stopped taking both to go get blood tests done and within 1 days my BP was back up to stage 1-2. I've been back on everything, androgel, erase and forma now for 5 days and my BP is slowly going back down again. Sooo....
    I'm going to keep on the Erase and cycle the forma. I'm hoping the Dr puts me on androgel when I see him in a week. As my workouts have been so much better, I'm losing weight, I feel better and I'm getting my muscle mass back finally thanks to these adn teh androgel.

    The two BP meds they tried me on didn't work well with me. So I had to get off.

  4. no problem - also, like i was saying, hormones in general can play a role in blood pressure too. i've heard that having low t could contribute to HBP as well, so maybe the increase in t is helping you out as well.

    good luck!

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