Hey everyone .. I'm 18 years old and basically I was diagnosed with a bilateral varicocele a couple of months ago (I had a doppler sonography to confirm it ) and my urologist said that I could either have surgery to remove it or I can have embolization. I picked Embolization because according to my urologist it is minimally invasive , the procedure has less risks and also general anesthesia isn't needed. I'm scheduled to have this opertion done on May the 6th and well , I have a couple of questions in mind .. I'd like to hear from people who have had this procedure or people who are familiar with this procedure ( like if you personally know someone who had this done) or if you're a doctor ,a urologist or a radiologist I would really appreciate your feedback.So here are the questions :1) Are there any alternatives to coils for varicocele embolization (I was thinking maybe ethanol or liquid sclerosants). And if so can they be used for this procedure instead of coils , and are they as effective as coils ?2)This procedure consists in shutting down the spermatic vein . Wouldn't that affect the ability of my testicles to drain blood and affect testicular growth ? Are the new collateral veins as efficient as the spermatic veins ?3) Should I expect any kind of pain after this procedure ?4) What does the procedure feel like and how long does it usually take ?5) Will the veins completely dissapear after the operation ?Thanks in advance for your time and answers.

  2. You should print this post and hand it to your urologist. He can answer those questions best, bud!!

  3. Nah I can't mate .. Im getting the procedure done in a weeks time and the only way I can consult a urologist within a week is if I go to a private urologist which is rather expensive .. public urologists have a tight schedule

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