My friend needs help

  1. My friend needs help

    So here's the story. My friend has a bad addiction to anabolic steroids after he started competing in npc shows last summer. He never cycles. He just never used a pct and just stays on prohormones all year round. Anyway he now wants to get off of the pros due to his liver enzymes and has an appointment with a endo this Monday. He feels really guilty about abuseing and now thinks his only option will be trt and hrt after being on for over a year. How do u guys think this will play out for him? Will he get his trt ?
    Any advice from yous who have been in this situation before?

  2. He's been on many harsh prohormones btw... Superdrol, epi, furazan, 11 sterone , trenavar and mag, and halodrol I believed he used with the year. He manly sticks to epi and furazan most the time

  3. Also he already had blood work done by his doctor and he is no longer producing testosterone an the doctor did not even seem worried about that. I had to tell my friend to go see a endo since the doctr did not seem to care.

  4. shutdown = shutdown whether it was one year or 5 days. id be more worried about any cirrhosis on his liver that he might of caused. not like trt is that bad when compared to things like cancer.

    has he had his bp, prostate, rbc, or liver checked?

  5. Yes he went to see his doc two months ago cause he got scared when he had nipple discharge. There he got blood work done and he has high liver enzymes, high cholesterol, no is okay and test levels came back as 0. He also got a mammogram of his organs to see there condition and they cam back okay. Also he met a breast surgeon and no cancer or anything just a side from the steroids.

  6. Anyone? I'm really worried for him.

  7. So he met with the endo today and she adviced him to just slowly come off the prohormones. Do u guys think this is good advice or should he get a second opinion?


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