Looking for some help with lab results High SHBG

  1. Looking for some help with lab results High SHBG

    Hey All,

    Been feeling less and less like myself lately (last few years)(low libido, low energy, ED stuff, etc.). I'm pretty healthy, working out regularly, eating right, etc. Been working out regularly for a year ( I've lifted since I was 17, just not consistently and not seriously). I'm 42, 6'1", 180 lbs, right around 10% BF. Went to see a Doc to check my how my hormones were looking. I got another year, or so, of all natural before I have to decide on whether or not I want to take the next step. With that in mind, wanted to get some input from you guys about optimizing my natural Test / free test / Estradiol levels, before I decide to take the leap into a cycle/TRT.

    I recently had a couple of lab tests done.

    One all natural (multi vitamin, creatine, whey, etc.)
    Lab results:
    Total test - 618 ng/dl
    Free test - 7.87 ng/dl
    Estradiol - 14.4 pg/dl
    SHBG - 55 nmol/dl
    DHEA Sulfate - 235.6 ug/dl
    DHT - 17.9 ng/dl
    Cortisol - 17.4 ug/dl

    On this test:
    Test - OK?
    Free test - Low
    Estradiol - Reasonable
    SHBG - High
    DHEA - high side of scale
    DHT - Low side of scale
    Cortisol - High

    2nd test after a week of a "Clomid challenge" - 50mg / day for one week:
    Total test - 745 ng/dl
    Free test - 7.78 ng/dl
    Estradiol - 21.1 pg/dl
    SHBG - 67 nmol/dl
    DHEA Sulfate - 339.2 ug/dl
    DHT - 29.9 ng/dl
    Cortisol - 19.2 ug/dl

    On this test:
    Test - Better
    Free test - Lower
    Estradiol - Reasonable
    SHBG - Higher
    DHEA - high side of scale
    DHT - Low side of scale
    Cortisol - High

    I would like to increase my free testosterone obviously. To me it seems like I would need to decrease my SHBG levels and also decrease my cortisol levels? I'm thinking lowering these levels would lead to an increase in free test and DHT levels? Which would lead to more muscle gains more energy, etc.?

    Like I said, I've been dealing with these issues for a few years now. I've tried a long list of supplements (test boosters (max anabol, testofx, super test), triblulus, DAA, Horny goat weed, ZMA, Clomid, citrulline, arginine, pynecogenol, ginseng, gingko, fish oil) but I have yet to try anything that has made a "real difference". ZMA is ok ( I ran out, waiting on more).

    Moving forward on the test side, I'm going to try Testo pro ( it has stinging nettle root extract, which is supposed to help free up some test), I'll continue with ZMA, clomid (@ 25 mg /day), and vitamin D, DAA seems worthless, and my other supps are for NO. I'm curious about arimidex, but my Estro seems fine. Not sure what to do about the cortisol?

    There seems to be a lot of knowledge on this site, so I'm hoping you guys can help me get to where I want to be. Lifting heavy and getting big. Thanks in advance. All thoughts greatly appreciated.

  2. I think it is interesting how some folks respond to natural supplements/stimulants and others do not.

    I took 135mg of RJ100 Tongkat Ali and the effect was the classic Steroid Rage or Scarface cocaine overdose. I was in Beserker mode for 5 hours. That dose was much less than recommended for my bodyweight. BTW, my lack of energy was traced to a progesterone deficiency not testosterone or SHBG. Pregnenolone supplementation worked very quickly. Perhaps you should have more thorough blood work?

    Back to your question I wonder if there is ratio to interpret Total and Free T and SHBG to know if one is in balance or otherwise.

    Hope you receive an answer here. This is the most informative site I have come across. Basically giving your thread a bump as you read as a good fellow.

  3. What lab did your blood tests? Please publish test ranges... READ sticky at the top of forum.

  4. Clomid is known to raise estrogens as well as SHBG. CLomid dosage is way too high to get the desired effect.
    I am not a medical Dr, please keep in mind that this answer is for information purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose, treat or replace sound medical advice from your physician or health care provider.

  5. I'm in the same boat as the OP. Anyone have any opinions on Stinging Nettle or Testofen for lowering SHBG? I wonder why there weren't more responses to this thread...

  6. Quote Originally Posted by vkg1 View Post
    I'm in the same boat as the OP. Anyone have any opinions on Stinging Nettle or Testofen for lowering SHBG? I wonder why there weren't more responses to this thread...
    I've been using stinging nettle products ever since getting on TRT (Like 2 months on, 1 month-or two weeks-off)......but for whatever reason, they never test me for free test...only total test, which sucks. I got the OK to get prolactin and estrogen tested next week, maybe I'll get really wild and ask for free test as well. Then again I won't have a pre-nettle # to compare it too......


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