Blood Tests In The UK ?

  1. Blood Tests In The UK ?

    Iím based in the UK and very interested in getting a full set of bloods done, testosterone, prolactin, DHEA etc. I mentioned it to my GP and I swear as Iím not unwell she had no real idea what I was on about, the guys in the states seem to have a multitude of tests to pick from and easy access to them, but here it appears to be the opposite.
    If anyone can recommend a UK based company and the type of test a guy in his forties should be considering I would be very grateful.

  2. Tell me about it mate, even if you go in with Symptoms, you have to beg for your life for them to check just testosterone, which costs them £7.

    I'm not sure where you are based, there isn't a ton of choice and it isn't cheap, but i'll tell you the options I've found. If you live near manchester or London there are a few things worth knowing about, otherwise, do you live near a spire or nuffield private hospital? There is a company blue horizon medicals that allows you to get private bloodwork through them, they act as your GP so your NHS GP has nothing to do with it and it doesn't go on record etc, although the results are legit so if there is a problem you can bring the results to your GP. I've not used the service yet but I plan to soon as ive been doing self prescribed clomid.

    Anyway for Nuffield the website is privatebloodtestsDOTcom

    For spire it is

    Pricing is different for each, and they tend to have different profiles. the websites are a bit **** but what can you do. Nuffield has a Investigation of Hirsutism profile, which even though aimed at women, has LH; FSH; PROL; Testosterone; SHBG; FAI; DHEAS which is all the stuff you'd want

    Its all about how much you are willing to spend really. I don't see why your GP won't test you for basic stuff like full blood count, thyroid, kidney, liver, Vitamin B12, Folate, Vitamin D etc

  3. Cheers mate I'll check them out, the guys across the pond appear to be able to have a shed load of levels tested , I'm happy to pay its just finding the right company, we are well behind here.

  4. I know, I envy the amount of times I read about "recently on my annual bloodwork check up...."

    If I had that kind of info I would know my healthy baseline scores!

    You prolly know this but any hormone bloodraws, aim to do them around 9am fasted

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