In the article “Toco Suprabio: A Patented Hair Growth Formulation” (Hair Loss Prevention – Toco Supra Bio | Andro Factory) we learned the benefits tocopherols and tocotrienols have on the hairline. Those that suffer from hair loss can supplement with these vitamin E extracts found in the patented Tocovid Suprabio to not only prevent hair loss, but to regrow hair. Supplementing with this, over time, can give individuals a thicker head of hair. What we may not have known about this patented formula is some of the other benefits that come along with hair loss treatment.
    Tocotrienols have also shown to have a positive effect in treating certain cancers, namely, breast cancer. According to researchers from the University of Lousiana at Monroe, “The synergistic anti-proliferative and apoptotic effects demonstrated by combined low dose treatment of gammatocotrienol with other chemotherapeutic agents may provide significant health benefits in the prevention and/or treatment of breast cancer” (Richards, 2012). Cancer will take over the cholesterol synthesis pathway in attempt to survive in the body, which is the same pathway is used by tocotrienols. Treatment with tocotrienols has shown to disrupt this pathway, killing the cancer cells while helping normal cells to survive. Prostate cancer is another common concern, and according to a study by Davos Life Science, “scientists found that low doses of gamma-tocotrienol cause apoptosis in the prostate cancer stem cells and suppress their colony formation capability. This results in a lower prostate cancer stem cell population.” Apoptosis in short is the death of a cell, in this case cancer cells.
    Cholesterol levels are positively (healthily) impacted by supplementation with tocotrienols. In humans, two open studies measured fasting blood lipids before and 2 months after supplementationwith annatto tocotrienol supplementation. In both groups, significant support was demonstrated for the maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels and healthy HDL/LDL ratio (Tan, Mueller, 1993, 2005). On top of that, some other ways the heart can benefit from toco’ supplementation are metabolic health, arterial health, and blood pressure.

    While lowering estrogen is important in reducing tumor size in cancer patients, it is also important for those looking to build muscle. Estrogen binds to testosterone, which in turn can essentially “waste” the testosterone. In order to free up testosterone in the body to build muscle, estrogen must be limited. Tocotrienols control production of the potent estrogen, estradiol, and inhibit growth of the Estrogen Receptor (McIntyre, Briski, Gapor and Sylvester, 2000, Yu, Simmon-Mancheca, Gapor, Sanders and Kline, 1999, Nesaretnm and Selvaduray, 2001). To simplify, tocotrienol supplementation will limit estrogen in the body, allowing free testosterone to do its job AND limiting the growth of cancer cells.
    Tocotrienols can be found in Toco Suprabio, which is one of the key ingredients in ANDROFACTORY’s CP+R technology. The point of adding this ingredient into supplements such as MAX-BULK, BULK-UP, and P-BOLD is to prevent hair loss–one of the minor sides of running a DHEA supplement. In addition to hair loss prevention, some more of the many benefits of toco’ supplementation are cancer prevention, heart health, and lowering estrogen. With all the possibilities of this nutrient, it should be a staple in any health conscious individuals supplement regimen.

  2. Carotech Tocomin was actually the formula used in toco 8,
    It's an excellent supplement, good to see other company's offering it.

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