Any Advice On My Latest Blood Test Will Be helpful!

  1. Any Advice On My Latest Blood Test Will Be helpful!

    I'm 67 year old male with a Libido Problem. This is my latest blood test:

    Glucose 66mg/dl 70-100 mg/dl
    Urea Nitrogen 31 mg/dl 7-25 mg/dl
    Chloride 108 meq/l 98-107 meq/l
    Total Protein 6.1 g/dl 6.4-8.9 g/dl

    Estradiol Serum 47 pg/ml 0-56 pg/ml
    Testosterone 376 ng/dl 129-767 ng/dl
    Sex binding globulin 71.4 nmol/l 10-57 nmol/l

    My Urologist wants me to take Anastrozole Oral tablet, 1 mg per day. With these lab results, should I start taken Anastrozole? Should I instead see a Endocrinologist to have further testing?

    What are your experiences with this medicine.

  2. I would want to know my LH and FSH first. Where was your AST and ALT?
    1mg ED of Anastrozole, is way too much. Your DR. does not know how to dose an AI.

    I use 1/8 of a pill, of Aromasin, EOD.

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