Subcutaneous Testostterone Everyday please help

  1. Question Subcutaneous Testostterone Everyday please help

    I was wanting your guys opinion on subcutaneous testosterone injections. I've read other posts but they talk about every three days or once a week. I went to the Mayo Clinic and seen two doctors an endocrinologist and hormone specialist . They put me through extensive tests and found out I produce no HGH and very low test. My HGH was .03 and Test was 201. They put me on 1 iu a day of hgh and nothing else after 4 weeks hgh levels are 301 and my test is 209. Now one doctor wants me to try HCG twice a week each injection 1000 ius to try to raise my test levels without using a test. The other doctor wants me to use .15ml of cypionate 200mg everyday subcutaneously along with the 1000 ius twice a week of HCG.

    Prior to this I was using 1cc of cypionate once a week along with 250mg twice a week of hcg along with Antrazole. My test levels were 1000 and I felt horrible up and down moods. Losing hair, not sleeping hard time with erections.

    I would like to get my test levels around 500 that's where I feel the best. So should I try the HCG alone route?

  2. you can inject oil based esters subcutaneously...they have to be injected intramuscularly. Also, using a long ester like cypionate makes no sense to inject daily.
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative Manager

  3. Thank you Vaugh thats why I turned to you guys.

  4. Also they told me to warm up Cypoinate with warm water and inject it with 27gx1/2 which it went in and injected easily.

  5. You can inject sub-q. It's actually been studied. However the uptake is slower in the body. If doing a long ester some on TRT actually do sub-q daily as it creates more even levels and prevents scar tissue.

  6. What about the HCG can 1000 units twice a week achieve this?

  7. You actually can inject Test subcutaneously. The action of the depot is not altered significantly.Also, the frequency of injection is often q1wk, q2wk, and q3wks, because of the long half life (around 10 days). However, just because a drug has a long half life doesn't mean you NEED to take it infrequently. If you're looking to maintain consistent blood levels, you'll take the drug more frequently.E.g. methadone has a half life that approaches 55 hrs in many cases. But, people often take it twice to three times daily.

    Please do not make the mistake of listening to bodybuilders over endocrinologists with regards to endocrinologic disorders. I'm a former bodybuilder and a newly minted physician (that means relatively incompetent still since I've yet to complete my residency training). There is an asinine amount of ignorance on the part of bodybuilders about the amount of knowledge an endocrinologist has. Your PCP might be out of the loop, but an endocrinologists will have completed 4 years of undergraduate work (often in biology), 4 years of medical school which has no equal in the volume of work required, 3 years of internal medicine training which probably averaged 75hrs/wk of clinical duty, and 3 years of endocrinology fellowship which probably averaged 60hrs/wk of clinical duty and study specifically on endocrinologic disorders.

    I don't understand why they'd have you dosing testosterone daily (I understand getting more stable levels, but it just seems inconvenient), but I can guarantee you that they've likely got their reasons. If you're skeptical, get a 2nd opinion from an endocrinologist.


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