The need to release... or lack of

  1. The need to release... or lack of

    I posted this over on ATM but wanted to get some discussion going here.

    This is something I was thinking about the other night. I appreciate that many people are here are on T replacement, so the results might be skewed. However I'm wondering who still gets this sensation.

    For as long as I can remember, right up until the age of about 25 when I burnt myself out with training / work / lifestyle choices and became ill, if I didn't have sex or masterbate then my nuts would swell, I'd be agitated and would feel the need to. If I'd left it a while then the volume of ejaculate would be large.

    The majority of my circle of male friends - 23 - 31 all seem to still have this. I however do not. If you have followed my thread then you'll know I have no libido at all like a lot of us here.

    I can get an erection and masterbate if I want to, but it takes slightly longer to become aroused and I have no desire to do so. It doesn't matter if I leave it a week, a month or even 3. The volume of ejaculate also doesn't change now, no matter how long it is left.

    I'm not on any form of TRT at the minute, my LH and FSH are normal (mid-range), T is lower end of normal (420) and although I would have said my nuts were on the smaller side these days, having looked at the orichidometer soemone posted the other day, they're probably mid range as well. I had fertility testing done in 2010 when it all kicked off and they were thinking of putting me on TRT - I'm 100& fertile, grade A- swimmers.

    So what mechanism does that 'build up' work upon then, if not related to LH / FSH?

  2. Are you taking any other meds? I'm taking meds for high blood pressure and they have the side effects of low libido and ED.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by reliable View Post
    Are you taking any other meds? I'm taking meds for high blood pressure and they have the side effects of low libido and ED.
    Hey no - not taking any other meds. Thanks for the suggestion though.

  4. I am not saying men are not truthful about stuff like this, but "most guys" I have talked too, never really admit a problem with their sexuality or libido. Even if they are struggling, they have told me they are kings of the jungle. Take that for what it is worth.
    Also, we are all different and have differing resting test rates, some nationalities just have higher resting rates also and those rates can vary week in week out, month in month out. You may very well have more life stresses too, physical and or emotional things in your life going on that some of your friends do not face at least right now!?
    If comparing your sexuality to your friends, causes you negative stresses, then even those stresses and negative emotions can put strains on the entire hormonal system.
    Hang in there and do not be afraid to seek help and or ask for it, from professionals not just buddies...!

  5. I know for me if I supplement with DAA (on the definite heavy side of the 3120mg dose) that my nuts start to swell n get noticeably harder and the sensation you were talking about, comes back full bore after I've been on a PH cycle and even when I'm going natural for months and I supplement with it my libido goes way up.. I'm not sure on how anabolic it is really but u do feel really good. Stack it with Long Jack for more effect. Just a thought for something you can try. Ok not saying iut works for everyone but it has worked for everyone in my circles may need to get a mild AI if the test converts to E too quickly

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  6. lack of..

    some guys are wired differently...I saw from profile that you drink....if every day a and/or more than 1 or 2, then THAT can be the culprit...smoking doesnt help either...when I quit smoking I felt almost 18 yo again, real frisky


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