more or less new to TRT

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    more or less new to TRT

    i am 36 and was diagnosed as having low testosterone in june. i have been prescribed 1 ml every two weeks (injections). when i was diagnosed i was at 72 ng/dl and was told normal range was from 250-1100. anyway, i got some blood work done last month and my testosterone was at 147 ng/dl. the free levels were at 38.4 which apparently reads as normal (paper says normal is 35.0-155.0).

    i changed my diet by watching carbohydrates and eating more vegetables and initially lost some weight. about 20 pounds, but i am a very heavy guy and have always had trouble with weight. i am reasonably active but have for the last year just felt terrible. my weight fluctuates during the week regularly by 10-12 pounds which i am sure is water weight. i am on a diuretic, but it doesnt seem to control it.

    i was never prescribed a estrogen inhibitor and when i have asked about it i am told that it simply isnt prescribed to men, so i am at a loss as to why everyone seems to talk about it on the web. of course looking up information on TRT is a pain because of all the weight lifting sites and there being a lot of information to go over. and trust me i have looked.

    is there anything over the counter that wont cost a fortune that will take care of testosterone/estrogen conversion? is there a better way to appraoch my doctor about arimidex? and is there any supplements that are out there that do help with weight loss?


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    You could buy an AI from a research chemical website.

    Next time your doctor orders blood work, insist on getting estradiol tested. If it is high, then you have a reason to get a prescription for it. If the doctor still won't prescribe it, either go with the research chemical route or find a new doctor.

    If you want to lose weight, stop eating so much.

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