seems low to me, but doctor says normal.....losing my mind

  1. seems low to me, but doctor says normal.....losing my mind

    another low testosterone thread... first time post, but have been lurking/reading theses forums awhile now... im losing my mind and do not know what else to do, so ive decided to make my own thread, in hopes of guidance and real answers...

    im going to try to keep this short as possible for now, so that someone may actually read this...

    age 23
    weight 175lbs
    height 6`1

    last year or a little more, been feeling horrible.... no energy, no more progress when lifting, **** not working, cant sleep, blah blah will go into further details, if i get a response..

    in july i had blood work taken by my primary care doc..... said my test was as low as an 80 year old man....had me get more blood work done, which the soonest time i could for almost a month later of feeling horrible...

    these are the blood test ordered the second time around: FSH, LH, TESTOS FR PAN

    Test Result Reference Guide
    FSH 1.0 Adult Males Median 4.5 Central 95% 1.4-18.1

    LH 2.0 Males 20-70 years old Median 2.8 Central 95% 1.5-9.3

    sex hor bin glo result: 20.74 median 32.3 7.2-100

    testosterone to 373 median 625 286-1511 (this is what he said went up from 250 to 373, only thing that changed since the last blood test is i started taking DAA)

    FR androgen idx 62.35250 median 35 14.8-95

    sorry if this seems confusing, but i just typed in the results as they were shown on the paperwork....after this blood test my primary care doc said everythings normal now and i dont need anymore blood work or to see an endo... well i still feel like crap months later...except now i have no health insurance....

    i dont know what to make of these test, i eat healthy, i stay outdoors, i workout, i dont know im just confused as hell no matter how much research i do i cannot seem to figure out an answer.. i even had to take this semester off of school.

    i have however just recently started taking clomid, along with daa and lg science liquid version of erase... but i can still barely make it through my workout let alone function normally...its been 7 days now on this stuff so hopefully ill start to feel better... thats all i want, i dont care about gettting my test through the roof or whatever, i just want my sense of well being back, i want my dick to work again, i want to just be back to normal..

    someone please try to help me with some guidance, im completely lost right now and dont know what else to do

    btw ive never taken any kind of aas or ph or anything in the past

    the only thing i could think of that might have caused all this, is the last like 2 years, even though i stayed active, i was doing drugs/drinkin like all the time,.. i never became addicted or anything, but i partied everyday...

    from what ive researched, i think the hardcore partying could have caused my testes to stop functioning correctly, which is why i started clomid and such in hopes of recovering


  2. I'm not an endocrinologist, but my understanding of TRT is that it's a very grey treatment modality. Looking at low T alone I'd imagine some docs would actually comfortably get you started. Especially given that you've got symptoms consistent with low T. The only problem is, those symptoms are extremely non-specific and could be attributed to any number of physical or psychologic ailments. So, it's also not that surprising that your PCP decided to not intervene pharmacologically since your numbers are statistically normal.

    I'd suggest researching a TRT friendly clinic in your area and getting a second opinion. Many people are still victims of the "steroid" stigma--physicians included. If you don't have insurance, you're not obligated to stick to your PCP or to go through a PCP to get to a specialist. I'm sure you'd be able to find someone in your area a bit more open minded; at least enough to give it a trial.

  3. Find out why ... keep digging till you do ..simple answer. This is my life as a researcher and medical consultant to medical professionals.
    I am not a medical Dr, please keep in mind that this answer is for information purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose, treat or replace sound medical advice from your physician or health care provider.

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