Need Help Critiquing Blood Work Etc.

  1. Need Help Critiquing Blood Work Etc.

    I have been on HRT for a little over a year. 41 year old male. Using 20% (200mg/gram) Compounded Testosterone Cream twice per day religiously (1 gram in am and 1 gram in pm), along with HCG which I haven't used nearly as regulary.
    My Dr. sends me to Clinical Pathology Laboratories but I recently ordered my own test (thanks Life Extension) from LabCorp.
    (as my Dr. has been way too slow to respond, so am starting to take things into my own hands a bit).
    The two different testing labs use different ranges and measurements for a number of tests which is causing me tremendous confusion.
    I will list some of the more pertinent numbers from the LabCorp (most recent) test first in hopes that I can get some advice on what you see.

    Testosterone Serum: 1626 ng/dl 348-1197
    Free Testosterone: 49.5 pg/ml 6.8-21.5
    Pregnenolone,MS: 33 ng/dl
    Dihydrotestosterone: 393 ng/dl 30-85
    Dhea: 209.4 ug/dl 88.9-427
    TSH: 2.840 uIU/ml? .450-4.500
    Estradiol: 59.2 pg/ml range 7.6-42.6 (recently learned of Assay ultrasensitve etc. but don't know which method was used)
    Prostate Spefic ag: 1.1 ng/ml 0.0-4.0
    Triiodothyronine, Free 2.4 pg/ml 2.0-4.4
    Sex Horm Binding Glob 39.4 nmol/L 16.5-55.9
    Creatine Serum 1.37 mg/dl 6-24

    My baseline before TRT using Clinical Pathology Labs:
    Test: 399 NG/Dl 282-867
    Free Test: 4.8 NG/DL 4.8-25 (different unit of measurement)
    Sex Horm Bing Glob: 70 NMOL/L 16-94
    Estradiol: 31 PG/ML <=63
    DHEA: 157 UG/DL 82-455

    Some results from a Clinical Path. labs test a few months after starting TRT:
    Test: 1155 NG/DL 292-867
    Free Test: 19.2 NG/DL 4.8-25
    Sex Horm Bind Glob: 61 NMOL/L 16-94
    PSA: .8 NG/ML <4.0
    Unfortunately he didn't order a full screening on that particular date, estradiol, etc. (I left out lipid profiles etc that I am already on top of and he can't seem to locate (at the moment) another screening that I had done).

    1) I am currently mostly concerned with the Estradiol level, and the testing method that was used.
    2) Dihydrotestosterone seems very high
    3) I would like to compare my free test levels in pg/ml to the ones I have on record which were ng/dl

    Any input or advice that you are willing to share regarding my lab work would be most appreciated.
    I am not looking to be a body builder, but weightlifting is a huge part of my life. In addition to being healthy and feeling better, I have a tremendous desire to keep my body in a more anabolic state. With the most recent blood levels I am 174lbs, lean and vascular, more muscular than "average guy" but only a couple/few pounds more muscle than when not on TRT. Not nearly the edge that I am looking for. At one time I added 200mg Cypionate once a week for 2 10ml bottles (without Dr.). I was 185 looking and feeling great. At some point I'd like to switch over to that instead of the cream and be more vigilant with monitoring and understanding my blood work.

  2. test is crazy high, lower it and e2 will come down as well. and the range of the creatinine doesn't look correct.

    more is not better, better is better...

  3. Any chance there was some cream on the area they took blood from?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by lexmuscle
    Any chance there was some cream on the area they took blood from?
    Good point, and I think gels = higher DHT.

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