varicocele & hormones

  1. varicocele & hormones

    A couple of years ago i discovered that i have grade III varicocele.
    I was to shy to tell my parents. Had no sexual problems.
    Last week i did a hormone bloodwork:
    TSH - 13.6 [ 0.40 - 5.0 ] !
    FT4 - 1.3 [0.8-2.0]
    FSH - 46.2 [ 1.5 - 11.5 ] !
    LH - 6.1 [ 1.1 - 8.2 ]
    ESTRADIOL - 34.4 [ 10-60 ]
    PROGESTERONE 8.7 [ 0.1 - 1 ] !
    PROLACTIN - 22.9 [ 2.7 -17 ]
    T3 - 134.2 [ 80-200]
    T4 - 7.5 [ 4.5-13]
    Testosterone 10.7 [ 2.4 - 12]
    I know that increased fsh is because of testicular disfunction.
    The thing is I dont want surgery. I'm too scared of having complications later.
    What should I do ?

    Also can I normalise those levels with proper medications ?
    Can I use DHEA to lower fsh ?

  2. how old are you?
    to me it looks like you need to look into more things than just the varicocele

    the thyroid is of great concern, so is the prolactin and progesterone.

    Prior to surgery i had normal ranges for everythying except estrogen was near top of the range and testosterone was near bottom. post surgery i had same testosterone, but estrogen dropped significantly. nothing else changed.

  3. I'm 22. 2 years ago i had subclinical hypothyroidism. My doc put me on levythyroxine for 5 months.
    The strange this is my testosterone level is OK and i know that if u have varicocele test is low.

  4. Out is not low due to the presence if the varicocele, it eventually gets low due to long term damage to your testicles. No supplement can fix physical damage. The surgery is to prevent the long term decline of testosterone production. The other stuff ness attention and is a separate issue most likely.

  5. i am getting surgery for mine soon, its really important you get it, its easy and fast

  6. The surgery is a breeze man. It had such a positive impact on my hormone levels.

  7. You are better of getting it young, by the tone i got it, it was too late. Before i knew it would eventually kill testosterone i tested at 420 out of 350-1000, 6 years later i was at 320, and after surgery i saw no improvement other than decreased estrogen. If i had known this when i was 20 i would have done it then.

  8. Prider, I also have varicocele and subclinical hypothyroidism. Did the levothyroxin help you in anyway? What symptoms did you have?

  9. davidmichael I will soon find out. I heard that most pacients with varicocele surgeries came back with the same problem after some time.
    The thing is my testosterone is quite high at this time. Most varicocele pacients have low testosterone and high estrogen.
    You should check your hormones. I hope levothyroxin will bring back my FSH TSH and PROGESTERONE levels.
    I honestly dont believe that a warmer testicle can cause so much damage

  10. There ifs plenty if evidence of human cell s dying off when temperatures are beyond a certain range, and then multiply that by 20 years.... In addition with poor blood flow there are issues with oxygenation AND removal of cellular waste. Again multiply that by 20 years and you are looking at real damage. As far as low testosterone with varicoceles....that is a factor of time. Research that looks at age in relation to a varivocele and total test show that the levels usually do not drop until the mid 30s.

    If you have a varicocele and acceptably high test levels that means your balls still work well. You can fix the known problem and keep those high levels...or wait and see what happens. All i can say is that TRT is a lot less fun than your body working right. I am 13 months into trt and tired of weekly shots. I would give a lot to have the varicocele fixed 20 years ago.


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