D-Aspartic Acid; Poor man's Hcg?

  1. D-Aspartic Acid; Poor man's Hcg?

    I'm curious what people's thoughts, and/or experiences are for using DAA in place of Hcg to help combat testicular atrophy caused by trt?

  2. I'm interested in this as well. Is CEL formestane the way to go instead?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by CaptnCaveman View Post
    I'm curious what people's thoughts, and/or experiences are for using DAA in place of Hcg to help combat testicular atrophy caused by trt?
    Hey man,

    I know a little bit about both things, but not a lot so don't quote me. Being a nerd though, I felt qualified enough to chime in. As I understood it, DAA helps to increase your free testosterone; HCG stimulates your leydig cells to send the FH signal so your nuts continue functioning. Two totally different things.

    I've used hCG on cycle to keep the nuts running; I've used DAA off cycle to assist. But I wouldn't think they do the same thing.

  4. Be careful on TRT because DAA can also cause your e2 to skyrocket. People complain about it that aren't on TRT and it seems to compound it even more when you are on it. A couple of guys I train with are on TRT and they decided to add DAA for this exact reason (testicular atrophy) and ended up jacking up their estrogen levels and libido tanked for a couple weeks until it cleared their system and things settled down.

  5. Hmm, that's interesting. Thanks Kisaj! I used it in the past for a few weeks and I felt like I was having some estrogen related side effects, so I stopped it. From what I've read it's supposed to work by increasing your LH levels, signaling your nuts to make more test, but if there's excessive conversion to E2 then then obviously it's not the way to go. Anyone know of any other alternatives to hcg?

  6. Might want to look into macuna pruriens and read up on the benefits it can offer those of us on TRT. I love the stuff and it has been a staple for a long time. I do believe it helps my nut size to a small degree. Not like HCG, but also not spending crazy money with all the HCG sides to go long with it.

  7. I am actually taking an L-dopa supplement currently. Started it about two weeks ago. It's definitely increased libido, but no difference in testicle size.

    I'm concerned because as we'll as shrinkage, since I had a vasectomy last year I've been getting occasional pain in my right testicle, which has gotten worse since starting trt. Last week I was at the gym and after my workout one day I could barely walk because of the pain. It felt like someone kicked me in the nut, and the pain raidiated up into my right kidney area.

  8. That is odd. I had mine last summer and I laid off from the gym and anything active for about 5 days. The first couple times after that, i would get a little pain in my bladder area. It went on like that for about a month but the doc said it was nothing to worry about because I'd know by a baseball size nut if something had ruptured.

  9. Kisaj, could you please tell us more about your use of mucuna puriens - what form and brand, how much you take, do you cycle it, what side effects you get, etc. Thanks very much.

  10. Most everything is going to be standardized at 15%, which is fine. In terms of brands, I honestly have not noticed much difference in them, but do like Solaray brand in general. I've always liked it for the feeling of well being that it provides.

    With that all being said, I've yet to find anything that touches Endosurge. I ran it for over a year (cycled every 8 weeks) and loved it. I just started taking it again and remember how good it makes me feel. It's standardized to 75% l-dopa for 83mg and 25% l-dopa for 100mg. To me, I notice that concentration more than 300-400mg standardized to 15%.

  11. Thanks very much. So after 8 weeks on it, you're off for 4 weeks? How do you feel during the off time?

  12. Just fine, there is no come down or anything, you just slide into feeling normal.


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