Getting rid of a small intestinal bacterial overgrowth

  1. Getting rid of a small intestinal bacterial overgrowth

    I am going to see a dr about this soon but I had to self diagnose myself on this one with the help of matrix. I know probiotics help but what would be mor powerful methods of getting rid of the overgrowth? Aside from antibiotics

  2. Antibiotics worse. Need to find out why it is happening in the Number of cases of sibo never get resolution because Dr are.not.addressing root cause which is weaken.immune system. Why is immune system compromised? Hidden inflammation from genetic expressions triggered by stress..One can not deal with GI.issues address the methylation cycle along with lifestyle, adrenals then balance the gi tract. There around it.. you kill it then your immune system is to weak to prevent it.from coming big.viscous cycle ...

  3. What would be a generic protocol? I have begun to address methylation through folic acid and b12 supplementation.

  4. If you are using b12 and folic acid you are not addressing methylation. Search my name and dysbiosis on here. I am protocols for.methylation lack of.medical and psychological history as well due to potential dangerous side effects. One of them is potential increase risk of suicide. Had 2 calls today from people who tried to self experiment. It may not.happen to you. I am not putting a person into such an environment...

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