2000 mg/10 ml Vial of Test Cyp - How long can it be used?

  1. 2000 mg/10 ml Vial of Test Cyp - How long can it be used?

    The pharmacy filled my latest prescription by giving me a single vial of 2000 mg/10 mil of test cyp, which should last me 10 weeks. After breaking the seal for the first shot, how long is the remainder good for? Would it help to refrigerate? The documentation doesn't address these issues. Thanks for any advice!

  2. You will be fine. I have the same. They wouldn't rx you something that goes bad before you use it all. There is a paper in the product box that will answer all your questions.

  3. I think there is an expiration date on the bottle. I've heard good for up to two years. I shake mine the night before inject as they say crystal form, and to shake it or warm it to dissolve crystals. No biggy.

  4. Do not refrigerate it. Just keep it at room temp and it will last about 2 years. You'll find that once you introduce air by inserting the needle, it may start to crystalize in about 6 weeks or so. Running it under warm water will break this up.

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