Cholesterol levels / labs / optimal levels?

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    His Dr kane thread on atm which is one of the most informative threads, but they are to busy chasing hormones and lab results instead of looking at bigger pics
    I don't think I've been on that board or seen that thread to be honest. Not sure who Dr Kane is.
    I was just basing the Paleo comment off my own knowledge.

    I should add: My hormone levels are great. Really happy with where I am with my TRT/HRT protocol now. If anyone is interested, I can post what my protocol looks like, and how I got there over time. I think it's the best I've ever had it. I'm definitely not chasing numbers there or trying to tweak it anymore. Sticking with where I'm at, as it's never been so good in the past. I've also never really been a chaser in the past year or two, just been going off how I feel (without staring at labs). I've been on TRT for four years and at this point, it's very easy for me to know how certain doses/levels of what I am taking affect how I feel, without looking at labs at all. I've gained a pretty good sense of my body since starting the whole roller coaster ride.

  2. What are current symptoms
    what areas would to improve?
    Since designing programsbased on epigenetic profiles for cases for cfs, fibro, lyme, cancer, depression, anxiety,neurological issues, autism and many others for doctors the out comes have been life changing for some. Many personal trainers are also seeing the benefits as their clients are starting to loose despite change in exercise

  3. I don't have many current symptoms to be honest. None that I am actively trying to fix.

    I am addicted to caffeine, but that's not a symptom's the reason my adrenals are low at times (and I do take hydrocortisone, I take more on days where I'm less awake/have less sleep, and I stress dose - this is all under control.) I am not going to fool myself and ever think that I will come off of hydrocortisone, or TRT, that won't happen for several reasons. But I have been able to stop taking T3, which is great. I've successfully lowered RT3, and my metabolism is great without any supplementation for thyroid.

    Methylation is the one thing I've been looking at again, for overall health and wellbeing. As I was saying, I will be planning on getting the 23 and me testing done and's just not happening immediately. Maybe in the next month or so.



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