any1 having varicocele or reoccurrence after microsurgery

  1. Unhappy any1 having varicocele or reoccurrence after microsurgery

    i have varicocele a few months ago.. the pain is just like a house fly... come and annoy from time to time except the difference is pain... a minor one but i just want to know if anyone has been complete cure??? and re-occurrence after 3-5 years? even if its 2 years i would also like to know... if it has occur again the only question i have is how long did you masturbate and sex? because i got mine from using the hold back method... which is holding myself back from ejaculating..... i know its kind of stupid and well i got a grade 2 varicocele.... i only found out when i was masturbating for an hour and suddenly that painful feeling.... feels like ****..... pain for 3 hours and went to urologist and been told the only choice is surgery the best one is microsurgery which is true....... please post.... thx.... maybe i am going to get the surgery after 4 months when i have enough money as i am short of $ 7000 for the surgery from a private doctor...

  2. Your varicocele has nothing to do with is from defective valves in your veins.

  3. Yes it is if you masturbate for more than an hour and holding back with ejaculating for more than 50 times and when that happens there was pain from my lower abdomen to the testicles and seriously feels like dying lying on the bed for a few hour before the pain subside...... i have done this stupid method last year around november when i am really free because i just finish my high school and there was only like part time working, playing, watching porn, sleeping, masturbating too long because too much free time, went out with friends doing the same old stupid routine for 6 months and that take a toll on my veins =-= i only experience intense pain twice.... 1st time was just i describe and 2nd time is after that incident i stop for 2 weeks from masturbating when i started to do it for 30 minutes only the pain appear i was like oh great i cannot pleasure my gf any longer than 15 minutes if i want my balls to shrink and live without my kids.... i cannot image my life without kids... well that was a good experience and i reduced it to twice a week less than 10 minute per time... varicocele cases is very less around my age 19-20 years old? I have classmates and i ask them about that and they reply they don't have any at all i guess i was one of the people that are seriously addict to porn... which made me masturbate too long... my friends are normal coz they only did like less than 15minutes... if only when i google about this i would not do it for so long, who knew that this would happen to me i am glad its just a grade 2 and know it earlier thanks to internet..... if i were u i won't masturbate for so ****ing long and screw up my and my gf life anyway =/ well you know she just feel less pleasure than last time and that sucks...

  4. Most guys call that pain blue balls. you may have a varicocele but if masturbation caused them most guys would have them. Go see a doctor and stop making wild guesses and correlations.

  5. Yea, i went to 2 private doctor in urology and both of them say i did too long and that happens... its not even a guess after the pain happen for the 1st time i went for the urologist the day after... and another one to make sure it is right... well it makes sense... people do not overdoing things such as masturbating,weight lifting, exercising too long what happen? of coz it will take a toll onto your body. consuming vitamins or eating too much fruits will not be good for our body too... what i am saying is i masturbate too long... and to tell you most of the people do not have sex for too long which is as long as 45 minutes or even masturbate that long every single time.... i am saying most which is around 80% world wide normal people only masturabate for around 30 minutes or less and people have sex 20 minute or less for a average couple/person ....

  6. If there was a single peer reviewed published study that made any kind of correlation between masturbating and varicocele i MIGHT think there us a grain of truth to your assertion....but since there isn't i am going to guess you live in a place that is in the dark ages if medicine and is putting moral judgments on a medical condition.

    Feel free to find real medical achieve to back your claim. The NIH website and Pubmed are good places to start

  7. yea right why don't try try masturbating for an hour or so that is if you can if can't sry to hear that u can't have bad endurance and btw please do go do research before you post something and please be more flexible dude if you only get stuck on 2 place to search how are you going to find more addition information please don't be a "frog in a well that only can see the sky and instead jump out the well to see the world" could you? talking about "dark age" i think you are from the "ancient age" good thing to know i am from the "dark age" that uses computer and google various information rather than from 2 webs..... varicocele can be cause by many different things such as weightlifting and stuff and oh yea well there are patients that say they over masturbate and get it so please go and search can you?

  8. Two things:
    Peer reviewed


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