Thank you Matrix!

  1. Thank you Matrix!

    Just want to say thanks to matrix and recommend people to take heed of what he has to say. He predicted stuff that test results confirmed after being recommended to see DR Mouton.

    At first I was skeptical but after reading around here I found out he knows what he is talking about. I was eating foods and supps that i thought were good for me and never would of imagined that they were doing more harm then good. But test results have confirmed the damage I was doing to my body with food it does not tolerate. As matrix says a significant amount of people don't show side effects. Tests have discovered a few other things going on including issues with my thyroid and been subscribed meds and supps to help overcome my issues that have been a barrier preventing me from reaching goals and dreams.

    All i can say is if you are frustrated or have tried most other things listen to Matrix, because more often then not including myself he is right and there are deeper issues going on!

  2. What were your main findings

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