Androgel 1.62 applications questions

  1. I have tattoos on both upper arms.. Only the INNER biceps (where touches lats/sides) are un inked... Will applying the gel to the tattoos a) cause them to fade? B) reduce the effectiveness of the gel? I have been applying to sides/obliques so as to avoid stomach hair (I don't shave year round lol) and feel like estro sides are goingup... Bloods aren't until Jan

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    ALSO--- I hAve been instructed to apply at night before bed (11pm) bc I do not wake up at the sane Time every morning bc I am a student and waiter... So the only way i can get a 24 dosing schedule is to do it at night... Is this ok ?
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  3. Anyone? Please?
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  4. I'd check their website. I was on there yesterday, and they have pdf files of dosing instructions and general info. I just skimmed through it a bit, but if you look through the pdf, I'm sure they'd mention it if applying over tattoos was a problem. I don't see why it would be. I've used transdermal phentynal over my tattoos in the past when I was on pain meds, and it didn't seem to affect absorption. If your trap area is still bare like it is in your avatar, you could probably just apply it there if you're concerned. Anywhere on your upper body that you can cover with a shirt to prevent any transfer to anyone who you have skin contact with should be ok, but check out that pdf on androgels website to be sure. They say to not use testosterone boosters at night, because it may cause you to have trouble sleeping. Try it out and see, if you can still fall asleep, then I'd use your discretion. It would probably be better to set an alarm and apply it around noon each day if you sleep late. Your body normally produces the most testosterone in the morning, so it may affect your circadian rhythm by applying it at night.

  5. Thank you captn. Great points.

    I'm already using the test patch at night and have no sleep issues/I feel my circadian rhythm has actually reset and been Impoved since beginning TRT. Traps r still bare! I also just feel like the androgel wasn't working .. Like a noticed a big drop off in mood and energy and even changes in body comp after a few days of switching from the patch to gel.. So I went back oto that patch despite the bad rashes im getting

    Edit- how come abdomen is no longer an approved site?
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