Help with translating blood results

  1. Help with translating blood results

    Firstly, I hope I've got the right forum section here. I'm 29 years old and ran a couple of short steroid cycles 9 months ago (test e 1 500-750 mg a week) my bloods have been pretty messed up ever since so any input would be really appreciated

    lh - 10 (1-7) high
    fsh - 7 (upper limit 12.4)
    test - 677 and 774
    shbg - 44 (upper limit 78)
    prolactin - 600 (upper limit 220) high

    Looking at the lh and fsh alone you might suspect primary but test is relatively high or at least normal but shbg is raised which might mean primary if there's less free test floating around? The high prolactin is slightly concerning too. The main problem I've had for over 9 months is a low sperm count as a result of this. Prior to taking steroids my counts were well over 40 million per ml, now it's just 6 million per ml, well below the requirement to have a child naturally. If anyone had any useful info, I'd really appreciate it. Ideally I'm looking for whether or not you guys believe I'm primary despite normal test or whether the hormones being out of whack (prolactin and shbg) is causing the raise in lh and fsh.

  2. We need to know FT and E2, ALSO.

    And yes, that prolactin level is of concern.

  3. Someone else can probably say much more than me about how TRT reduces fertility via LH/FSH/HPA disfunction.

    That said, you might also check your vitamin D levels. There are vitamin D receptors in the testes, and vitamin D has been shown to effect fertility.

    It's a cheap test and supplementation is cheap and easy.

    Blomberg Jensen, M., Nielsen, J. E., Jorgensen, A., Rajpert-De Meyts, E., Kristensen, D. M., Jorgensen, N., Skakkebaek, N. E., et al. (2010). Vitamin D receptor and vitamin D metabolizing enzymes are expressed in the human male reproductive tract. Human Reproduction, 25(5), 13031311. doi:10.1093/humrep/deq024

    Blomberg Jensen, M. (2012). Vitamin D metabolism, sex hormones, and male reproductive function. Reproduction, 144(2), 135152. doi:10.1530/REP-12-0064
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Mr.TT View Post
    We need to know FT and E2, ALSO.

    And yes, that prolactin level is of concern.
    my doctor hasn't ordered me any ft and e2 tests, he's referred me directly to an endocrinologist. I've been told it may take a while so I was hoping you guys may have some insight prior to this. Sorry I can't provide the info you require and I agree, the prolactin is of some concern. The doctor seems to think it may be pituitary tumor but usually prolactin is in the 1000's with that kind of condition. Any hints as to whether you think this might be primary failure or would you require the additional bloods first? M

    thanks again

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