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  1. I am 27 years old and I have low testosterone I have used testosterone for about five years on and off and I never took a pct is there anything I can do to bring back my testosterone levels

  2. Quote Originally Posted by CaptnCaveman
    Hey guys,

    Quick update on my situation since I last posted. I mentioned I had some liver problems before. I was having elevated liver enzymes for the past 3 years and they spiked after recent weight loss without any explanation (that I'm aware of). I followed up with a hepatologist, who ran some more liver function tests, as well as more specific tests trying to see if I was having some type of auto-immune problem.

    Anyway, long story short, I started taking milk thistle a few months ago, and when she tested my LFT's, they came back within normal ranges. She wanted to do a biopsy before the test results came back, but left it up to me whether or not I wanted to have it done after the tests came back normal. I'm gonna wait and monitor my LFT's and play it by ear before I do the biopsy.

    I have been doing alot of reading about the liver, and how it affects metabolism. I've read articles and even some medical studies that tie fatty liver to thyroid dysfunction. I'm not exactly sure how it all works, as I'm just a simple man, but it's food for thought for some of the guys in here having thyroid problems and have no idea why. The majority of people don't even know they have fatty liver. I theorize it's like a clogged drain. Since your liver filters everything you need to remove from your body, if it's overloaded it gets clogged up and starts malfunctioning, which probably makes your body's metabolism slow down so that it doesn't over tax the liver and cause it to fail.

    So I attribute my thyroid malfunction to the fatty liver. The only treatment for the fatty liver is weight loss, (which is tough with fatty liver, and hypothyroid) so I'm going to keep working towards accomplishing that. I'm going to try cutting out most sugars, and polyunsaturated fats from my diet, as they're both attributed to causing fatty liver, and I'm going to continue to supplement with milk thistle, vitamin E, and liver cleanses, as well as Choline and probably Resveratrol since I've read they can be beneficial.

    I'm just putting this all in case it helps someone in the future. As far as the low test, since test effects metabolism as well, (and since I'm not smart enough to figure out the root cause, nor are any Drs' I've found yet) I'm going to attribute that to the fatty liver as well. Although I'd love to know for sure. It's not likely it's a pituitary problem if even though my LH and FSH are low normal, my TSH was high, right? That would show some activity up there. I feel like estrogen is playing a role, even though my E2 was supposed to be within normal limits. I wish I could find a smart Dr to help me figure this out for certain.

    I did find an endo who put me on trt though. He saw my test levels, and was like "You're low, do you want the cream or injections?" I'm now on 100mg of test cyp weekly. I started my first injection fri, and I felt great the next day! Just like myself again. I had energy, the mental fog was gone. It's great! I'm starting to lose the rush though, which makes me think I could be aromatizing alot of it, since I'm still pretty fat. That's something I'm going to keep an eye on. I started running pes erase saturday just in case. Im going to use the bottle, then may look into a board sponser for some arimidex for my mice.

    Does anyone have any info on the best estro tests to use for men, and how I would dose my mice with a very low dose protocol of adex? It's important for me to keep estro in check, but not so low it causes problems. I just want to lose more weight, and hopefully get my liver to shed the fat and start functioning correctly again. I know it's not going to happen over night, but I'm commited, and I'm in it for the long haul to make this happen. If anyone has any knowledge or experience with fatty liver, or a suitable diet to help reverse it, or trt and estro advice, please, help a guy out.
    Osthole/cnidium extract works wonders for liver function


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