Chronic Fatigue Question (detailed labs posted)

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    Sorry for late answering your PM.
    I may be easier to reach me here.

    I would say that you suffer mostly from your Circadian Rhythm problems.
    Screwed melatonin/cortisol pattern.
    Also review of your blood work indicate that you likely need fatty acids and phospholipids support.
    Your insulin and glucose are high.
    I am assuming that your high TotalTestosterone is natural.
    You should not use any thyroid hormones supplementations, if you must, 1 grain of Natural thyroid Product.
    Cold Thermogenesis per dr Kruse
    and 200mg 7ketoDHEA
    Because of this blood indicators being out of range you may consider suggested supplements

    CHOL -38 Manganese
    CHOL -38 Coconut Oil
    CHOL -38 Bile Salts

    AlkPhs -25 Vitamin C
    AlkPhs -25 Zinc
    AlkPhs -25 Phosphatidylcholine
    Alk Phos -34--vit C
    Alk phos -34--vit D3
    Alk phos---below 60 anorgasmic -------(describe how tough or easy is for you to get orgasm)
    Alkaline Phosphatase, 57 IU/L 25-150

    Potassium (K+21)taken 1-2hrs AFTER meals to support digestion and pancreas. 2capsules(1000mg) 2x/daily(after meals)

    Glucose +68 --Biotin
    Glucose +68--multi vitamin
    Glucose +68--Niacinamide
    .Glucose +68--Vit B1
    Glucose +32 chromium
    Glucose +32 Evening Primrose Oil

    You have high ferritin and hith testosterone.
    Monitor you hemoglobin and hematocrit.

    High glucose & insulin & highish prolactin
    stop eating all grains, corn, potatoes
    1000mg/day Metformin
    up to 6 pills/(wakeup) Cycloset 0.8mg (start slow, may cause nausea)(expensive, do not use generic)
    To bring your screwed up Circadian Rhythm to oder will require
    to dr Jack Kruse protocol.

    Highlights of that protocol:
    Work days shifts only.
    Work with daylight only, no artificial lighting after sundown.
    Sleep in official darkroom sometime within 10PM -8AM, keep bedroom cold, sleep naked uncovered
    At wakeup look at sun 5 minutes
    Eat big brekfast withn 30min to 1hr (50% daily food).
    Dinner within 4-6 hrs of bed time.
    No snacking
    Very low artificial light (use UV & green filter eyeglases.
    30min/day 5 days/week, ice cold bath up to the neck. (Cold Thermogenesis)(CT)
    I can't do CT, I take long cold showers, walk around in shorts and gym sleveless shirt at night (~30F now).
    When starting CT, apply it first to a throat area (communication with vagal nerve + brain)

    Eat EPI-Paleo diet as described by dr Jack Kruse

    Note, at my Shop-Rite dozen oysters $5.40, shucked oysters (about 2 dozens similar price).

    Total food intake =
    tap water as much as need
    solid food=70% fat +30 % protein (minimal, incidental carbohydrates but not in winter)
    protein part =more seafood than (pork, beef other mammals, no birds except eggs)
    whole eggs, bacon

    preferably raw

    .............................. .......

    Get NutrEval (better but cost more) or
    Essential & Metabolic Fatty Acids Analysis (EMFA) by Genova Diagnostics s_analysis_emfa_genova_diagnos tics.html

    Spectracell Comprehensive Nutritional Panel _spectracell.html

    You should not be eating any supplemental fats.
    You are eating fish oils and krill oils, that is mistake.

    Stop that now.
    if you are going to have fatty acid analysis now, then keep using the without changing dose.

    Supplemental fats =bad news unless protocol is guided by (good) fatty acid analysis.

    The fatty Acid Analysis from Genova are passable but not good.
    They do not have allowable upper range for EPA & DHA
    Those analysis will newer tell you that you eat too much Krill or fish oil.
    That is likely by design, they must be getting a cut from kril/fish oil industry

    For that reason I have misgivings about their NutrEval test.


    Off hand, the only fats you are eating are from the food, meats.

    beef tally
    other mammal fat
    coconut oil
    olive oil
    macadamia nuts
    avocado (whole)
    that's about all
    ============================== ============================== =========
    replace your selenium & iodine with this:

    2/day-->Super Selenium Complex, 200 mcg 100 capsules (

    1 dropperfull/day=48mg/day
    Lugol's Iodine Family Pack -- 6 (2 fl. oz.) bottles Price: $73.90
    recalculate dose if using other iodine/iodide source.

    BodyBio PC (Phosphatidylcholine)
    300 SoftGels (900mg)

    Doctor's Best Brain Enhancers (GPC) & (PS)
    2/day (possibly 4)

    4/day NAC (source of gluthatione)

    you may need IV gluthatione, check what comes out from Spectracell.

    Allen Company Over-Prescription Shooting Glasses
    Price: $7.95

    These recommendations in a cfs patient are potentially dangerous individualality. Ideal with multiple cases of cfs lyme fm all week long. Majority of them are.made worse from drs following old school approaches Information i.use is cutting edge and from.latest research. I spend more time correcting imbalances from other uninformed medical professionals sad to say...
    I am not a medical Dr, please keep in mind that this answer is for information purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose, treat or replace sound medical advice from your physician or health care provider.

  2. Its been a while since this discussion, but out of curiosity, did you ever get an MRI or see a neurologist? I'm not a doctor, I don't work in the medical field, but I was studying to work in the medical field until a condition with some of the same symptoms derailed everything (for now).



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