Lab results after taking Erase in place of anastrozole

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by chedapalooza

    My b I thought I typed anecdotally.

    On each if the 5 occasions I've used it, I lose water weight, fat in mid section/chest, increase libido, see increased acne, get very cut. Most of this is indicative of lowering estradiol. I will provide bloods foru over the next 4-8 weeks IF I can take erase's also indicative of lowering cortisol, which erase def does VERY well...

    I too am taking erase though for est control while taking daa... buuut i too don't think it's exactly the strongest ai out there, def not even close to being on par with the research ai's and recent otc steroidal ai's (atd, form, trione, bromo) and really sad to see all these others with the exception of form get removed from the market.

    But with the overall effects of erase, regardless of actual moa, and the reasonable price, I'll always have a couple bottles on hand.
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    You can not put a price tag on your health. We are made up of 70% water most of which we are consuming is polluted with birthcontrol and other meds. I just check my water quality in my town vs US average. It was one of the lowest in the country !! Jugs can harvest bacteria and mold unless you wash them every time..
    AZ is one of the worst as well due to the high geriatric population... Just imagine all the pharmaceuticals in the tap. $1,000 though? Yeesh makes me cringe. I better get to washing more frequently lol.

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