Time frame to reduce SHBG & feel normal again?

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  1. Thought to update again. Bloodwork came back.

    Iron levels are normal again. Serum T is 830, Free T11.3 SHBG is 60 DHT is 46-(top end of scale)

    Clean bill of health. I did not know about DHT until advised on this occasion.

    NB: I stopped donating blood.

  2. thanks for the long term updates. too often these things never get shared and we all wonder what happened (especially if we are in the same boat).

  3. Well annual physical results came back today to update this thread.

    Total T 690 scale 250-1100
    Free T 61.3 scale 46-224
    Bioavailable T 123.5 scale 110-575
    SHBG 50 scale 10-50
    DHT 43 scale 16-79
    Preg 32 scale 13-208
    Estradiol 21 scale less than or equal to 29
    DHEA 141 scale 80-560
    LH 4.1 scale 1.5-9.3
    My anemia is gone as Ferritin and Iron levels are back to normal. No longer donate blood.
    Cholesterol values are outstanding
    Picture of good health.

    Dr. was happy. I am not as I see my T declining from when I first started back in 2012.(but I had high SHBG back then see first post) I recall what someone here wrote about their SHBG being in locked step with their total T. I feel good and train hard seven days per week. Eat well. Good libido. Sex every day. But I see the Free T on the low end of the scale and wonder if I could be better. Dr. Does HRT at his clinic but said no to me as I do not fit the criteria either in test results or factors mentioned above- energy, libido, mood, etc.

    Dr. did say my DHEA and Preg should be higher and put me back on OTC Preg. I stopped for the previous 8 months or so.

    Wonder what I can do to gain more Free T. I mean in 2012 I was more than middle range, then a bit less than middle range and now low end of the range.

    NB: Not into selfie pics but I took a recent one from August so you see how much improvement there has been since pic in avatar. Its in the album. So I do not think it is BF that is causing the issue.

  4. Thanks for the update, your posts are useful to read.

  5. You know I reread my posts and realized how miserable I felt in 2012 compared to how good I feel now. I should not be complaining about a test result if everything else is going well.

  6. If you feel fine and things are working, then you can relax a bit. If things aren't perfect, you can still pursue more information and improvements. I'm glad things became better for you.

  7. Thought to update. Bi-annual blood draw for physical results are in

    Total T 765 scale 348-1197
    Free T 12.1 scale 7.2-24.0
    SHBG 55 scale 19.3-76.4
    DHT 43 scale 16-79
    Preg 139 scale 13-208
    Estradiol 19.8 scale 8.0-35.0
    DHEA 214.9 scale 71.6-375.4
    LH 3.6 scale 1.7-8.6

    Everything else just picture of solid health at least as far a blood, lungs, etc can be tested.

    Feel great. Well, except for a recent strained shoulder. But you know feel great in general.
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  8. Your testosterone has gone up significantly, and free T too - more importantly you are feeling good.

    Has your muscle mass gone up?

  9. Thanks. Folks say I appear so.(the pic is from 2012. Build is entirely different now)

    I have gotten stronger.

    My total T was 970 in 2012 before lifting weights but SHBG was very high then. see earlier posts.

  10. damn man good thread, thanks for the updates over time!

  11. Another guy on here said testosterone isn't the most important factor, and that it is more about the balance of hormones with one another. Sounds like yours is running really well now. I appreciate the info you drop here, I think most people when they solve things just disappear and we never see that knowledge.

    Are there any other habits that have set you on the right track?

  12. I would say solid sleep. Started taking 1000mcg of B12 before bed and it induces a deep sleep. Feel wonderful in the morning without drowsiness. Did have sleep issues on/off prior to using the above.

  13. That's quite useful to know, I've been sleeping badly for months, I don't know what's up. I'll look for b12 and try as you said.

  14. so what do you think cause the lower SHBG and higher Free T?

  15. Dr. thought I had an internal inflammation of the. liver. Attending to that brought down the SHBG in the first instance. Stress levels have also come down.(I was having wicked women issues) Total t went down as well. Do not know what comes first in terms of biological process ( or maybe they are intertwined.)- Total T or SHBG in production. When total t was high, shbg was high. I sleep quite well now and do not overtrain.-no late night training. Have a good woman with me now so life is calm.

    Liver values were good at the outset. As mentioned that is not necessarily an indicator of other problems.

    I still take milk thistle every now and then.

  16. As an experiment this week I did not consume B-12 before sleep.(did the usual zinc, magnesium, vit b6) On all three occasions I awoke in the middle of the night, troubled by vivid dreams and awoke at 5am groggy. For the previous few months, I would sleep deep without interruption and awaken alert at 5am. I go to the gym in the early morning, 530am hence the early wakeup.

  17. How much b12, zinc, magnesium and b6 are you taking?

    Your doctor sounds pretty capable, how did he isolate a lived problem, from blood results?

    Did you feel any difference in terms of libido of energy during your experiment?

  18. 25mg zinc, 500mg magnesium, 1000mcg b12(acetylcholine version). Do not recall B6 as it is a B bundle without the b12.

    I guess he surmised based on that and my history as I was super energetic prior to feeling poorly. I had intense stomach pain some days as well for for weeks prior to seeing the Dr.

    this week:
    Tired in the morning until consuming coffee. Fine the rest of the day. But no desire to go the gym in the early a.m.
    No libido initial two days. Yes this morning.

  19. Thanks.

    Could it be to do with some difficulty absorbing B12 or another mineral, does your doctor have any ideas.
    How long will you keep the excitement going?

  20. Quote Originally Posted by fweed View Post

    Could it be to do with some difficulty absorbing B12 or another mineral, does your doctor have any ideas.
    How long will you keep the excitement going?
    I do not know what you mean about difficulty. I stopped consuming B12 for the previous three nights. I typically stay up late, for a 5 am riser, and work hard at home at what may considered to be intense brain focused work- I do creative writing and translating. I imagine if I flopped at home after my day job and did nothing I would sleep well. My B12 levels were normal prior to supplementing. Now they are high but Dr. is ok with it. B12 stimulates melatonin and that is why I sleep deep. Why I do not sleep well otherwise is related to other-caffeine, stress, things to do, etc.Like I wrote in another thread I still have a young brain in doing things and not settling.

    I do not know what you mean about excitement. You mean good health? We never discuss that. I think so long as health holds unrelated to physical exericse- you know no cancer or other type of maladies then I could be another Jack Lalane

    back to B12 tonight. Expect to sleep deep without interruption. Well advise tomorrow.

  21. I meant to type experiment, it auto corrected.

    I meant that perhaps knowing that the b12 having such a big effect on you, might lead to a deeper cause which could perhaps be repaired. Problems absorbing b12 or making use of it, I am guessing as I don't know much about it.

  22. Well, I did mention to him the pregnenolene if taken late keeps me up but that dates to 2012. I am wired when do cardio late at night. I did find sleeping difficult after intense heavy workouts at night. So I train early a.m. and sometimes early evening to end by 7pm.

    I have my thoughts about sleeping patterns but they are my own.

  23. Annual physical blood draw results:

    Total T 842.8 scale 348-1197
    Free T 7.3 scale 7.2-24.0
    IGF-1 196 scale 61-200
    SHBG 96.6 scale 19.3-76.4
    DHT 45 adult ref range 30-85
    Preg 161 adult <151
    Estradiol 26.6 scale 8.0- 35.0
    DHEA 228.8 scale 71.6-375.4
    LH 7.8 scale 1.7-8.6
    AST 34 scale 0-40
    ALT 29 scale 0-44

    and my triglycerides are 38.(0-149) I know big deal but I eat loads of egg yolks and no ill effects. Just FYI

    A bit bummed out at the lowered Free T and increase SHBG but I feel fine. Lift strong. Exercise hard. Plenty of libido, energy, mental focus, ambition. Do not know why that is there. Dr. says do not worry if you are fine. It was a full panel with 6 pp. of results. All healthy.

    Well, I posted elsewhere the past few months have been doing intense volume, M-F 6pm to 8pm-spinning and weights, workouts. Still sleep well. Stopped tracking food and go by the eat when hungry approach.

  24. Low triglycerides are a sign of fatty liver due to phosphatdytial choline deficiency and also zinc. Commonly associated with PEMT, COMT and MTHFD1 gene expression as well as low estrogen. If you feel good need to aware of running on catecholamines vs cortisol. Just do not want it to sneak up on you as I have seen it happen many times...
    I am not a medical Dr, please keep in mind that this answer is for information purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose, treat or replace sound medical advice from your physician or health care provider.

  25. I have rather low BF%. Attribute low trig to that and diet. Do not have any symptoms of the deficiency referred to. Can't I just be happy?
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  26. I am glad you are happy and wish you the best
    The point I was making is this is what i have seen in clinical experience as well as what research has supported.
    You are looking for the hear and now, I am looking for 5-10 years down the road...
    I am not a medical Dr, please keep in mind that this answer is for information purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose, treat or replace sound medical advice from your physician or health care provider.

  27. Understood. I am within scale on the trig. Just low end.

    I look at what causes fatty liver and none apply to me.

  28. You said you are naturally lean. Did you check Thyroid levels? Elevated TSH or T3 levels increase SHBG.

  29. Quote Originally Posted by kelso312 View Post
    You said you are naturally lean. Did you check Thyroid levels? Elevated TSH or T3 levels increase SHBG.
    In some of the earlier test yes to T3 and I believe TSH as well. In normal range. No recent tests.

  30. Hmmm....

    Vitamin D levels...?


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