Travel with TRT gear

  1. Travel with TRT gear

    Just started TRT last month.
    I travel a lot for my job and I'm curious to know what people's experience is with traveling?
    Normally I am gone for weeks so I need to bring 3 to 4 weeks worth of supplies with me.
    What is your experience traveling international?
    What does TSA have to say about it?
    What do you carry all the gear in?

    I have made the trip to Africa. I threw a baggie full of hypos and needles into my check in and carried the Test in my carry on.
    Passed through TSA without problems and arrived in good shape.
    Here in Angloa you could bring a mack truck through customs. They have the machine to x-ray your bags but usually the operator is busy on the phone or something and doesn't even look at the screen. 9 times out of 10 they flag me past anyway.

    However I will be traveling to different countries soon, going through international airports, traveling on commercial flights and looking for any input from experienced travelers.

    Looking at some type of carry case. I looked at diabetic travel cases but most have some sort of cooling device such as ice pack which I don't need but I see the sharps bag on some and that would be nice. Plus it keeps everything organized.
    Any suggestions on carrying 3 to 4 weeks supply?

    Thanks for looking


  2. As long as you make sure everything is labeled you should not have a problem. The more you look like you have your stuff together (case, labels, proper packaging) the less likely they will bother you, but having proper labeling lets them know it is legit. Never even been asked to look though.

  3. I have an Insulpak I purchased off amazon that does the trick for keeping things cold and at a steady temp for hours on end (have some hcg) It's been great for all the domestic traveling I have done here in the States. If you are traveling through the US with something like that, make sure the ice pack is frozen solid. TSA will confiscate in many cases if it isn't. If you have an Rx, or printed material from compounding pharmacy etc available, keep it with your stuff. More organized and official it looks, and or the more it looks like something a diabetic would use, the better off you are with TSA. If you are traveling to Australia, make sure you have legit Rx'es and be super organized and declare everything as you arrive or leave. Australian laws require that they are notified in advance or they will confiscate and/or arrest and charge you if they think they are dealing with something sus. Don't try to beat Oz customs as the odds are stacked against you beating them and slipping something through that isn't 100% in order.
    Not sure about Europe as I haven't travelled there with any of my trt stuff. Same with Japan/Asia.
    Anyways, hope that helps. Safe travels.

  4. Keep your prescriptions with you and you should be fine. I've done it plenty of times.
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