Gluteus medius injection deep enough?

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    Gluteus medius injection deep enough?

    Today was my first attempt at a gluteus medius injection. I used a 25g 1.5" needle to inject .5ml. After rotating my torso around I encountered a couple of issues. While I was injecting I accidently moved the needle around to the point where about 1" of the needle was in the site and at a 45 degree angle. I am concerned that I may not have injected deep enough or even hit the muscle at all. There is no visible or palpable lump as far as I can tell, but I'm still paranoid. If I didn't inject into the muscle, will it still absorb or will I have a sterile abcess?

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    Many people inject subcutaneously without any issues, so I wouldn't worry about it. I personally inject into my vastus lateralus. There's no need to contort oneself to give an injection.

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