Need some help for increasing my test cyp dose.

  1. Need some help for increasing my test cyp dose.

    Hello i been running at 100 mg a week. My blood work came back at total test 509 and free at 115. Big improvement considering when i started my t was 80. So now i want to run 600 mg a month. Where im having trouble deciding is to run 150 mg a week or 200 every 10 days. My test was done 6 days after a shot. Im not sure how long the test cyp stays active. I cant run more than that due to my script is for 1 vial every 3 months. Thanks Al

  2. Why would you want to take more spread out over a longer interval? It's only one more shot and your body isn't dealing with the extra 50mg of test and the extra days in between.

  3. Why not split it up a little differently? I inject 100mg e5d. Works very well for me.

  4. I am doing amazingly well- but that is actually an idea. Considering I only take 125 e7d, and get a mild aggression, perhaps knocking that 25 off would help.

    The best part about self injection is that you have the ability to fine tune!

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