I've been having my testosterone cypionate prescription filled at The Apothecary Shop for a few years. They recently changed their name to Avella Specialty Pharmacy.

Around the same time as the name change, I was told that the pharmacy could no longer provide the "big" vials of testosterone and that I would be limited to receiving one tiny vial at a time (sorry, can't remember specific volumes off the top of my head). This is really annoying as the tiny vials don't last long.

When I ordered my last re-fill, I specifically asked whether the change was a change in the law or a change in the pharmacy's internal policy. The customer service rep tried to avoid my question a few times, but she finally admitted that it was a change initiated by the chief pharmacist and not by any changes to the law. My theory is the chief pharmacist is trying to avoid liability for filling prescriptions for folks who are using testosterone illegally.

I'm tired of having to re-fill my prescription every 2.5 weeks, so I'd like to transfer my prescription to another mail order pharmacy that will fill a prescription using the large vials. Any recommendations?