31 Year Old on Androgel, Need Suggestions

  1. 31 Year Old on Androgel, Need Suggestions

    I've tested low for total and free test since I was 28. Regretably, I had used steroids and and various methyl prosteroids since I was 19ish. The 1st cycle or 2 I had no clue about PCT or support supps. From 21 on I always cycled responsibly with PTC and support supps but I think the continual up and down of cycles took its tole. I've been on Zoloft since I was in my early 20s as well, if I wasn't on test or a potent test booster, sex would seem like a chore most of the time due to the zoloft. Im on the lowest dose possible of 25 mgs of Zoloft but still have lowered libido and delayed ejaculation from it. My doc had referred me to a uroligist twice now due to my complaints of low energy, low sex drive, and testing low for total and free test. The urologist took about 30 seconds to talk before prescribing androgel when I was 28 and referred the 1st time. I
    figured I was way too young and didn't fill it. This 2nd
    time I went to the Urologist he did the same thing and I filled it this time as Im tired of low libido and low energy. I've had some pretty good days on androgel and my libido has definitely gone up. Although, I've become quite irritable and my prostate must be swollen since I tend to leak a bit after urinating. The irritability has come with some added depression too, I usually just suffer from anxiety but depression has now crept in since the start of this. Ive been taking 75mgs of Erase to keep estro at bay and just started DHEA 50mgs in the am. Its actually improving my mood a bit already. Not sure what to do now, I used to live on test boosters for libido and never
    had prostate issues so Im ready to go back to
    that even though my libido wont be as good and I've already lost any energy gains the androgel had provided. I think the androgel is just too heavy in DHT production which is causing the enlarged prostate and irritability/depression. The urologist doesn't want to see me again for 5 months, maybe I should get more testing done and ask for injections instead? BTW, Im only on 1 pump of androgel daily. Sorry for the length, just wanted to lay it all out there. Thanks for any advice.

  2. Android gel doses to low.

    What's ur levels at now?

  3. My total test has been just below or right at 300 for the last 3-4 years, the normal range was like 350 and up. I actually increased the dose to 2 pumps and the irritability was like I was on tren, injectable test has never affected me that way, I've used test e and test prop, usually 400mg per week. Maybe the DHT from androgel is causing the irritability?

  4. Hope some one more knowledgable chimes in.

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