Low DHEA, Hard Gainer

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  1. NO. That was directed to the Matrix's post. I'll post it again if it makes you feel better.

    And I am taking control of my life. Good riddance.

  2. I know what you mean.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by The Matrix View Post
    We create our own stress rather then just take a deep breath and relax. I had a girl who was so obessed with competiting and losing weight, no matter what I did was diet and cardio worked. I finally pulled her aside and told her to take a good look from outside looking in to see if it was worth it. Her relationship ,work, social life was all suffering which was now effecting her significant other. Once she pulled her self back and saw this her weight dropped and she is doing much better. She has put competing off for a while to work on her self and her relationship plain old having fun. Do not make it a second job.
    I know what you mean.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Elit3 View Post
    I have some whey isolate on the way! Honestly I miss protein shakes, especially post workout even though I seem to recover well on a paleo diet. Like you said, I don't think that whey will be a problem either and may even help the GI tract. A small prtion of fruit a day has been good with me in the past as well, this with the paleo diet.

    I already use coconut oil and got the meats covered. I started eating eggs again this week and I feel fine so far. Cream seems to be a problem for me though and cheese not so much, but I'm not sure about it especially if it has casein. I love tuna, but I'm worried about mercury, as some tuna is supposed to have some of the highest levels of it in food.

    Thanks for pointing things out. If I can lose some of the paranoia, maybe I can put on some pounds.
    With the cheese try aged cheese it has less lactose and should be less of a problem. Another thing is to not mix fruit with protein. It creates gas in most ppl. If you can handle eggs that's good eat up as many as you want. Coconut oil is great, add some nuts like walnuts, almonds. Yea tuna has mercury so limit it to 2-3 servings a week and try some salmon in between. Also add some organic mayo to your diet with chicken salad or egg salad. All these calories will add up.
    Pure whey isolate will delp you like I said in nother past it's easy to digest even being lactose inntolerant.

    Did you try heavy cream or half and half?

  5. Good stuff man. I'll incorporate some of these things soon. Was thinking salmon too.

    I tried heavy cream a while back and got some lactose from it. Same with half and half is the same. Thanks.



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