Can you tell me the difference between these two versions of semorelin forte, which is better, and why. I'm taking 1iu a night, or 20 on the insulin needle. I also take 1iu of HCG twice a week and Cyp 100mg once a week. I'm 36 and have been on test and HCG like this for years now with no stopping, and just started the semorelin last month. Semorelin makes me tremendously hungry as soon as I take it. I used to sweat when I first started for about 5 minutes, but that no longer happens.

This is the tri blend I use now: SERMORELIN FORTE PLUS (9MG) + GHRP-6 (9MG) + GHRP-2 (9MG)

This is the tri blend another HRT clinic uses: SERMORELIN FORTE (6MG) + GHRP-6 (3MG) + GHRP-2 (15MG)

Getting ready to place new order, so I need to know as soon as possible.