HRT/TRT Decisions!?

  1. HRT/TRT Decisions!?

    Hello all, this will be my first post. Im having a hard time making a decision. Im 36, 208 pounds, 17% bf and 6" tall and been having issues that seem to mimic low test levels so I went to my Doc and told him my symptoms. I think I have been dealing with hormone issues since my late teen years but just now decided to address them. He tested me and everything came back clean except for my Vitamin D and my test levels. My D was at 21 and my test was at 229 and this was tested on a day I felt good. He has sent me some 1000IU D tablets and some test cyp in the mail. Once I receive the test I am to report to him with my test for a 400mg injection monthly. This doesnt seem right from what im reading I should be getting weekly or bi-weekly injections. There was not any attempt to get my natural production up. I have never been on any strong steroids before. I did a 6 week cycle of Epistane a few years back in 2009 trying to loose some fat without burning my muscles up which happens every time I try to loose fat. Would this have caused this low test issue? I used PCT and all. I didnt get much gain at all from it but a little horny for about a week and maybe a little fat loss but not enough to really notice. I did not test my levels back then. I have always suspected my test to be high since I have no problem with keeping weight on but also suspected to have high estrogen levels as well and that keeping me from gaining any extra other than what I have. This is all speculation though since this is the first time I have been tested. On one hand im excited to see what this may do for me and my health since I have such a hard time gaining muscle like never in all of my years of working out off and on I have not gained a whole lot. I also have had a lot of health issues in the past that seem to link to low T. When I increase my calories and I do count when im on a diet to include the ratios of each I tend to gain fat not much muscle. On the other hand I wish I could just get a natural normal test production. Should I take the TRT or refuse. He has not discussed anything with me yet but hasnt mentioned anything else other than test, no AI no HCG or anything. This also makes me afraid he doesnt quite know what hes doing or maybe he will discuss this with me when I go to get my first injection. Im very confused right now. Should I accept the injections or should I request something else? By the way, im dealing with the VA here.

  2. Don't over think this bro. Try and talk him into more frequent injections. If not, try and find another doc

    Good luck...

  3. And one six week run of epi w pct isn't going to shut you down.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by napalm
    And one six week run of epi w pct isn't going to shut you down.
    There were probably pre existing issues. Understanding proper pathology is crucial. You.may be more secondary then primary. Understanding root cause is crucial not.just to hrt, but over all.general health..hrt may mask.other thing

    1000 ius of vitamin d will.not do nothing and really to date on hormones.either ...tread with caution
    I am not a medical Dr, please keep in mind that this answer is for information purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose, treat or replace sound medical advice from your physician or health care provider.

  5. Ok, so your saying I should get an endo to have a better look at me before I accept the treatment Matrix? I think pre existing issues may be true because I have never had much for a physique despite much and varied types of training I just dont respond much at all especially compared to others. I do manage to keep myself in relatively borderline fit. I work hard and get home and work hard again. I dont get a whole lot of rest but just enough. Are there ways to kinda reset your system so that you know your tests results will be accurate? If so I could just order my own tests. What should I look for to determine if im primary or secondary? I always just kinda shrugged my issues off as I must just produce allot of estrogen as well but always assumed I had plenty of test, this news is quite depressing.

  6. Some times TRT is needed some times it is not. This really needs to be established. Some people think "WOW on TRT I am going to get in shape magically" so this gives them an excuse not to focus on lifestyles, eating, and stress management or other issues which may hidden TRT is masking. I see this all too often now in Dr's being lazy not looking at the whole case then several months down the road they are complaining they are not feeling well. Get it right from the start unlike other people do it assbackwards..
    I am not a medical Dr, please keep in mind that this answer is for information purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose, treat or replace sound medical advice from your physician or health care provider.


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