Stinging nettle

  1. Stinging nettle

    Just thought I would post this as it was very exciting and interesting to me. I have taken this on and off for about 10 years and have always loved the feeling it gave me, but I wasn't sure what it might really be doing, or if it was more placebo. So two stories to show that it is really an amazing herb...

    I started TRT about 7 months ago and have had incredible success, but my free test was lower at about 15.3-16.7 on a scale of 5-40. I decided to add Endosurge back into the mix, knowing that it had high concentration of nettle (plus it makes you horny as hell). So my last two blood tests have been right on par with where they have been, except my free test has climbed to 24.3 and 27.5 on my last two tests. Damn incredible, if you ask me.

    Second- I just came back from my parents and my dad has successfully dealt with prostate cancer over the last 3-4 years and is doing great, except his BP is sky high and they have him on meds that make him irritable and work only so-so. Knowing the benefits of nettlw, I had him talk to his doctor about it and they said it would be ok, but wouldn't do anything. LOL!!! My dad, being the stubborn old man that he is, took this as a challenge and stopped his BP meds and just started taking nettle for the last 2 months. His BP has dropped from an average of 155/95 to 120/78 from his last two visits. The doctors are blown away by it. Plus, his PSA has gone down .6. Plus, my mom swears he is growing hair again at 70.

    To me, this is all the proof I would ever need to believe in this herb. I knew I always liked it, but until now, didn't know that it was as legit as it is. This will always be in my daily.

  2. kisaj, Do you cycle off of EndoSurge at all? I was reading about the product based on your feedback and it says to use for 8 weeks and then take 4 weeks off. Just wondering, since you are on TRT, do you cycle off of EndoSurge? If not, do you see and diminishing returns on the effectiveness of the product after a while? Just ordered some myself to try it out. Thanks!

  3. Endosurge- yes I do. Based only on the fact that it also has very concentrated, high doses of L-dopa as well. That is powerful stuff and you don't want your brain being dependent from prolonged use. 4 weeks off is no big deal and if you chose to continue nettle, then just pick up a single supplement with only that. My dad has been using the NOW brand.

  4. Makes sense about cycling EndoSurge and thanks for the NOW brand tidbit. Appreciate the feedback.

  5. snre is the cheapest, safest, most effective supplement hands down i use NOW brand too. works by binding to shbg to free test for receptor activation, down side is freed test is free to aromatize as well. so when you notice that happenning (slight bloating/estrogenic sides) toss in the snettle leaf extract along with it or just use it alone until the bloating goes away. it's amazing stuff



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