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    The other Co Mod Ryan at my forum is an IT guy and we were getting a lot of Malware or Spam postings. You can pick up this Malware on your PC and it will put Spam on all the sites you go to.
    So Ryan posted this this morning on how to keep your PC clean and working great. I know a lot of you might know this all ready no need to post what you do this is just info for them not up on this.
    ============================== ==========================
    To Everybody in Hypogonadism2:
    It seems that we have been seeing an increase in spam postings due to
    computers infected with malware.
    As an IT guy, I want to give a few pointers on how to make sure your
    computer is secure...
    *Go to the "Start" button, choose "Programs" (or "All Programs"), and
    look for "Windows Update".Install all of the important updates.When
    finished, repeat this process again -- many times, once you install some
    updates, more updates will become available for installation.Keep
    repeating this process until there are no more updates left to install.
    *In Windows Update, choose the option to receive updates "for Windows
    and other products from Microsoft Update".Also, go to "Change Settings"
    and choose the option to automatically install all new updates.
    *Make sure that you have an Antivirus (AV) program installed.You can pay
    for an AV program or there are quite a few free options (with AV
    programs, it does not mean it is better if you have to pay for
    it).Personally, I recommend using MS Security Essentials
    (Microsoft Security Essentials - Free Antivirus for Windows
    ).This program is produced by Microsoft, is free for people who have
    legal versions of Windows, and has been rated as good or better than
    Norton and McAfee.If you install MS Security Essentials, choose the
    option to do a "Full Scan".A full scan may take several hours depending
    on the size of your hard drives and how much information you have stored.
    *Install a free program called "Spybot Search &
    Destroy".The home of Spybot-S&D! default, this
    program tries to install a program called "Tea Timer" -- uncheck this
    option during the installation process.Once installed, download all
    updates and then choose the option to "Immunize" (this option prevents
    your computer from even going to many web sites known to contain
    malware).Once immunized, perform a scan and remove anything that it
    finds.At least weekly, check for updates and apply immunization and run
    a new scan.Spybot does not let you automatically schedule scans, so you
    have to manually start all scans.
    -Make sure that you do not ever use simple passwords.You should never be
    able to find your password in the dictionary.Be sure to use lower case
    letters, upper case letters, numbers, and symbols in your password.Be
    sure that your password contains at least 8 characters.Never use
    "password" or "Password" for your password!
    -If you believe that your computer was infected with malware, once you
    remove the malware, change all of your passwords.
    -Change your passwords frequently.
    -Do not use the same passwords for multiple web sites or services.A
    common practice for hackers is to get the username and password for one
    site and then try to log in at other sites with the same username and
    password.You would be surprised at how often this works successfully.
    Just keep in mind that no single piece of software is perfect.I have had
    to clean computers that had Norton Antivirus, McAfee Antivirus, AVG,
    Avast, and even Microsoft Security Essentials installed and up-to-date.I
    like MS Security Essentials because it is free, it does not cause your
    computer to run slower, it does not have any "nag" screens like other
    free AV software, and comparison tests show that it is as good or better
    than the big names in the antivirus field.
    I only posted this information so that people can try to ensure that
    their computers are up-to-date, safe, and secure and so that we can
    avoid the type of situation that Phil described at other forums.There
    are many different opinions on what works and what does not work - let's
    not start that debate in this forum.
    Best of luck to everybody!
    Hypogonadism2 Co-Moderator - not a medical professional.

  2. Don't forget avg. Picks up stuff that windows security misses

  3. What does this have to do with Anti-Aging?

  4. Nothing but it helps to keep malware off the forums if you can't keep it down you can get so flooded with it you can read the forum posts. I seen one forum get 300 malware Emails in one hr.
    Quote Originally Posted by T-Bone View Post
    What does this have to do with Anti-Aging?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by pmgamer18 View Post
    Nothing but it helps to keep malware off the forums if you can't keep it down you can get so flooded with it you can read the forum posts. I seen one forum get 300 malware Emails in one hr.

    This is still in an the wrong section.

  6. good to knw that !!
    You come in peace, but you go back in pieces


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