blood results?

  1. blood results?

    hi guys

    got my blood results back today.

    started nebido a while back now
    i had a shot 4 ml 1000mg, then i went back six weeks later for a booster shot.

    had bloods took 4 weeks after booster shot and came back at 24

    is this any good i know they fall in range as in uk i think it is 9 to 28 i think......

    only thing that worrys me is that (24) was 4 weeks after shot, i still have 8 weeks to go until next shot worried that they will fall below range before i have next shot.

    i am haven a blood test done at week 11 to see where they are and if they come back to low going to see if i can have shot every 10 weeks instead fo 12.

    is 24 a good result after 4 weeks

    have heard nebido peaks about 2 weeks to that would be my highest t level time and start fallen after that...,so is 24 ok at week 4?

    hope u guys can help please and your info on this please


  2. peek a boo
    anyone there?

  3. I don't know what the range was in your test

    I see it now

  4. anyone have any good info please?

  5. I can't really answer your questions per-say but I used nebido for a few months. I felt great on it for 6-7 weeks then I crashed. I was relatively early in the HRT program and was allowed a shot every 10 weeks at first. Feeling good 60-70% of the time seemed awesome when I had been feeling crap 100% of the time before that. Anyway Dr relented and allowed shots every 7-8 weeks. Life was great ... then I got gyno. Blood tests showed E's were in the normal but top of the range but my test was low. Did further testing of free test this time 2 weeks after the shot and free test was low also ... I felt great tho at the time. Changed to Test C Dr allowed me to play around and I dialed in a a modest dose that leaves me functioning really well. Although my dam gyno is back again clearly I need to deal with the underlying problem which is probably the excess fat around my gut.

    So in my opinion the stuff will not see you out 10 weeks but its half life is suppose to be really long you might get lucky. Some of the stuff I have read that people do to get around it are ... Inj yourself but only do half put the cap back on and put the syringe in the fridge wait 4-5 weeks then do the other half ... although nebido comes in a vial and I asked my chemist they said it has no preservative so that is a stupid idea ... risk of infect .. death you know all the normal stuff from doing dumb things. Try DAA in the last few weeks to get a boost apparently DAA will work for us on TRT ppl. Most important don't worry about numbers! just see how you feel I was loving the stuff when I was doing shots every 8 weeks and thought it was the best dam thing in the world. Hope that's some help to you.

  6. I was doing around 180 mg a week and first 5 weeks were good. Then crashed and upped the dose to 200mg/ w. Better now


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