Please help! no libido, ED, Depression, anxiety on TRT

  1. Please help! no libido, ED, Depression, anxiety on TRT

    Hi All,

    I'm 33 years old and i have been having dramas with my hormones for years. I am a bodybuilder and i have used aas in the past. It has screwed up my body, but i really suspect that i always had an underlying condition. Looking back my sex drive was never that great, i went through puberty late and never had a lot of body/facial hair. I have been seeing so many docs over the last couple of years and ive seen 3 endo's as well. Unfortunatley, i live in Australia, and we a way behind on TRT. The docs know very little from my experience. I have been playing around with doses of creams, injections, AI, dhea, etc and never gotten a good result. I have had moments of feeling really good but it fades away over time and up and down ive been going for a couple of years now. I got married last year and had a baby as well. It has been very hectic at home and my life was completely changed. I had to support the household and worked a lot of hours, my wife was very stressed and run down and it was a crazy few months. We didnt have much time on our own and sex was not as common. I started noticing my libido going down and i had a couple ED issues as well. I was sure that it was due to being so dam tired and stressed and thought it would fade get better over time. What ended up happening is my libido completely faded away and i had no hope of having sex. I started getting anxiety for the first time in my life and it felt like i was completelt falling apart. It has been over 3 months and im not getting any better. My relationship is in real traouble and i dont think it will last much longer. I REALLY need some help please......

    I was taking:

    test e 250mg per week
    Adex 1/4 tab 3 times a week
    dhea 100mg ed

    I was sure that the adex had wiped out my E2 because i have severely sore knees that have popped up since i started feeling badly, so i discontinued the adex. I waited a 2 weeks and i didnt get any better at all. i saw my GP and got some blood work and this is what it shows:

    dhea 3.4 (3.0 - 10.5)
    prog 3.3 (1.2 - 4.8)
    prolactin 268 (45 - 375)
    igf-1 11.2 (15.0 - 39.9)
    TSH .89 (.50 - 4.00)
    sens oestradiol 67 (50 - 150 pmol/l)
    LH <1 (1.0 - 10.0)
    FSH <1 (1.0 - 10.0)
    Test total 33.8 (8.0 - 30 nmol/l)
    SHBG 5 (17 - 66) assayed on the Siemens ADVIA Centaur
    FAI 676 (22.3 - 103)
    Free Test 1321 (170 - 500 pmol/l)

    I obviously have really low SHBG, which is giving me huge amounts of free test. I now know that low SHBG can lead to libido issues, but my E2 is ok and i have high testosterone. My SHBG has been low for a long time, i cannot recall a test where it has been in double digits, and i have had times of not feeling anywhere near as bad as i do now.

    I need any advice you can give, im so desperate......
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