Aromatase Inhibitors and Vitamin D study

  1. Aromatase Inhibitors and Vitamin D study

    This was posted at the forum I Co Mod at this morning I felt this was worth posting here.
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    I was at the U of MN the other day and saw a flyer advertising the need
    for volunteers for an interesting study. The study questions if low
    Vitamin D levels may cause some of the negative side effects of
    Aromatase Inhibitor usage in breast cancer patients to become even worse.
    After thinking about it, I used to get more muscle pain when my E2 would
    go too low before I started to take Vitamin D. Is it a coincidence or
    am I just controlling my E2 better now so that I never go "way too low"
    anymore? Or is there some other factor that may be influencing how I feel?
    Anyway, I called the person running the study and she said that they
    considered including men in the study, but they weren't sure how many
    men actually used Arimidex and other Aromatase Inhibitors. I explained
    to her that some pharmacists have reported that they dispense more
    Arimidex to men than women and she was surprised and thanked me for the
    information. She said that they would take that information into
    account for future studies involving AIs.
    If you are interested in the study, you can read about it here:
    Vitamin D3 Effects on Musculoskeletal Symptoms With Use of Aromatase Inhibitors - Full Text View -

  2. Thats interesting.I dont take vitamin D because it depresses me,i dont know if it affects anyone else that way.If i dont take vitamin D i feel great,my hrt is dialed in good thanks to your early posts on mesoRX forums about dialing in your E2 levels using the PMGAMER 18 morning wood method,thanks again for your contributions to the HRT community.

  3. I use Vit. D3 drops then are 2000 IU's per drop try this I put the drops on the back of my hand and lick it off. Start low one to two drops and go by your labs. It might be the filler in the Caps or Pills your taking.

  4. I take 5000 iu in the summer and 10000 for the spring fall and makes a big diff on how I feel for sure

  5. I go by labs and latey I have been so low from being on pain meds that I need 13 drops at 2000 IU's / drop to keep my levels up past 40. I am at 47 ten weeks ago but I am 68 the older you are the more you need vit. D3 to keep levels up even in the summer time.

    This is a great link to watch about Vit. D.
    Quote Originally Posted by ohiostate2827 View Post
    I take 5000 iu in the summer and 10000 for the spring fall and makes a big diff on how I feel for sure

  6. More fat ones has the more body will be come deficient. When percent of fat gets to high the body identifies it as another organ which will cause increased need for vitamins.
    I am not a medical Dr, please keep in mind that this answer is for information purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose, treat or replace sound medical advice from your physician or health care provider.


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