First what this is all about 3 and one half years ago I needed Heart Bypass Surgery. My heart was fixed but I got a bad infection so I was put into a coma for 14 weeks until they could figure out how to fix this problem long story.

After getting out of the hosp. I was put on Statin Drugs them drugs after using them 18 months they damaged my muscles in my lower back upper legs and my left arm.

So now I can't stand up or walk without using a walking and doing so I am in a lot of pain.

So my Dr.'s put me on Pain meds they helped but over time my E2 Estradiol meds were not working.

I was on Arimdiex at the time and only took .25 mgs every other day to keep my E2 in check. The longer I was on the Pain meds the more Arimidex I needed and we could not figure out way.

At one time I was doing 6 one mg. pills / day to keep my E2 down and I was still having Panic Attacks high E2 does this to me.

I was on them Pain meds doing diff. kinds for about 18 months. I even stopped the Arimidex and tired Aromasin.

I read how strong this was so I started with 1/4 of a pill / day. In two weeks I needed 4 pills / day they were not working as good as the Arimidex was.

With the help of Ryan the other Co Mod here and Hardasnails1973 I found out it was the pain meds doing this.

All the pain Opioid meds now have acetaminophen (APAP) and this APAP appears to increase CYP3A4 activity. This increase appears to be via substrate stabilization.

So not only do Opioid meds increase the CYP3A4 activity this stops most Estraidol meds from working.

So 5 months ago I stopped all Pain meds and I was told it can take a good year for this CYP3A4 emzine to leave my body and for my E2 meds to start working again.

I am happy to report that my E2 Estraidol meds are working again and I am back to my old dose of 1/2 a pill every 2 to 3 days and I am not having anymore Panic Attacks or Anxiety all day long.

So I still have Pain but only with I over do it or stand up and walk. I can't tell you how happy I am to not have them dam Panic Attacks this this Anxiety any more.

So with this all I can tell you is if you have high E2 levels and are taking an AI med to keep this down stay away from Pain meds even acetaminophen.

Because in time your E2 meds will not work as well and you will be needing more and more of them.