Trying to find what wrong with me.

  1. Trying to find what wrong with me.

    I posted here couple of times to try and find what is the cause of my health problems. Regular docs jus can't figure what it is. My PDoc claimed that I have psychological issues and sent me to pshych who told me that he doesn't see any problems with me.
    So after reading a lot of info on the net I'm trying to build the big picture and I need your help. (you can check my older posts to see what it's all about).
    My suspects : I remember it all starts like 13 years ago. I was in huge constant stress that lasts for something like 3-4years. The stress was due to social issues plus constant pressure to have good grades. I remember this awfull feeling in my stomach and the shaking that I had due stress. But I was feeling ok. My level energy was good. Sleep was refreshing and my thoughts were clear. Then after 3-4 years I think my hormonal system crushed due to the stress. I became numb to all the pressure arround: no more fast heart beating, no awfull stomach felling. I suspect that my adrenal system went out of tune due to prolong cortisol production. Now all this stress envierment still was present.
    Now my first symptom was frequent urge to pee. I suspect that my prostate was influenced hormonal imbalance. I began to wake up in the morning and feel this pain and urge to pee. My lower back hurt and the stream was weak. My felt like instead of rest I was under physical stress all night. Now I'm think due to the pain and the urge to pee my body was producing more cortisol at night making more pressure on my weak adrenal system. I suspect also that maybe my estrogen rises because of the imbalance and keeps my prostate irritate. So I suspect it's a vicious cycle that keeps my body unbalanced.
    More then ten years later I'm still suffering from unrefreshing sleep , fatigue , low libido and frequent urination. All the docs I have been to didnt help me. They never checked my adrenal profile or my cortisol levels. You can see from my older posts what labs I did.
    So do you think I'm I'm on right direction with my suspects? Can you recommend me what kind of tests im missing?
    Thanks ahead I will really appreciate your help.

  2. This is something a real doctor needs to help you with. Before you reiterate that you've had no luck with MD's let me say I understand. About 7 years ago I developed severe diplopia. It was the worse case any doctor's ever saw. I had it for 18 months and not one doctor, out of a team of specialists could figure it out. They tested for every known auto immune disease and took every RMI they could. Their answer to me was, "Sometimes we doctors just don't know." I followed my own theory and haven't looked back. So I know the frustration.

    I'm not going to search your posts to find your blood profile; I just don't have the time. What were your E2 levels? What were your tests levels? You have an over active bladder, that's for sure. It could be due to a number of things, but my wild-ass guess is gallbladder stones. My friend just had the exact same symptoms and had them for years. They finally found it was the gallbladder, removed it and he feels great. That was about two months ago. However, there are so many other factors that no one here can possibly say. You need to see a urologist, again if necessary, and have him start from scratch. It's very easy to rule out E2.

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