My estrogen is out of range, I need your opinion on why

  1. Question My estrogen is out of range, I need your opinion on why

    I started a med called pregabalin and started developing gyno a few months ago and went to Dr. He ordered blood tests. (never done any steroids)

    Blood test in January showed my T dropped to 500, and my estradiol around 60 (high) - normal T for me is 900s

    At this point I stopped pregabalin and did another blood test a week later

    Blood test in February showed my T dropped to 130, and estradiol was in normal range, low FSH, low LH
    Blood test in March showed results similar to January

    Something is screwing with my hormones, and it's not supplements or medication. It seems my symptoms might even be unrelated to pregabalin, more of a coincidence. Does anyone have any good links on what causes high E? I'm 33.

    Thanks brahs.

  2. It really depends on the underlying pathology which can be case specific.

    I have mentioned these issues several times in detail over the past few years so one can use the search option to find them.
    I am not a medical Dr, please keep in mind that this answer is for information purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose, treat or replace sound medical advice from your physician or health care provider.

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