GnRH instead of HCG?

  1. GnRH instead of HCG?

    I've been researching peptides again recently, and it makes sense to me that GnRH would be a superior alternative to hCG (for people on TRT), simply because it prevents pituitary atrophy, and causes an increase in LH as WELL as FSH. Seems like a more natural approach (coaxing the body to release more of it's own LH + FSH).


  2. Do you mean HGH?

    Disregard...I see where you're coming from.

  3. Yeah, GnRH raises LH and FSH, hcg replaces LH, so what is actually happening is that your pituitary no longer outputs LH and FSH while on TRT with HCG, causing it to atrophy... Problem is we need the pituitary for many things.

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