I am a first time poster, not a bodybuilder but a commited gym goer. The reason I am posting here is because I am having some troublesome symptoms that I believe are down to hormonal issues. I know that many of the posters on this forum are experts so I would appreciate (and be very grateful) for some honest advice.

Have problems with libido / erection / skin / general mood / hairloss / unability to handle stress. Pretty bad really and I think mostly from time on propecia!

I had my total testosterone taken which was within range towards the upper quartile. Had the following saliva tests done which are interesting imo.

Testosterone 67 pg/ml (46-285) - 20-29 - Range is 83-285
Oestradiol 3.0 pg/ml 0.20-3.4 - -
DHEA 890* pg/ml 150-580 - -
08:10 Cortisol 1.4* ng/ml 1.5-15 - -
12:45 Cortisol 2.0 ng/ml 0.30-5.0 - -
17:45 Cortisol 0.2* ng/ml 0.30-5.0 - -
21:45 Cortisol 0.9 ng/ml 0.20-2.5

What I am wondering is why is my free testosterone so low if my total testosterone is above normal? Could this coupled with a higher oestradiol range (3 seems high as it is toward the upper end of the range) cause some of the issues I am facing? Cortisol is low in the morning but is it not supposed to be at its highest.
If free testosterone converts to DHT is this why I am losing hair if all the testosterone is converting to DHT? I cant take propecia anymore due to sides. How can I effectively bring these to optimum levels. Im not sure I should be happy with such low results here, anyone agree?

Any input on these results and treatment would be appreciated. Doctors in the UK just dont seem to help or listen.
Im determined to fix myself. Very hard symptoms to deal with for a 27 year old guy. Not fishing for sympathy. hah.