Inspiration to others - .never give up

  1. Inspiration to others - .never give up

    I have been on 2-3 grains of NT for 6 years. After a lot of consideration and soul searching, I decided to cold turkey. Its been about a week and doing great. I did not die like people told me on line which would happen LOL. I am going by my gut instinct and years of medical research and experience to know what needs to be done to accomplish this. I have been using Angstrom Iron 2 TBSP a day no problem and feel it is actually getting into the cell. I Feel good knowing I am cutting down on stearates and other crap in pills.. This is why I do not listen to the some of the uneducated crap and non sense from on line like most people do. I believe too many people brained washed and as a result are holding themselves back due to what they read on line. I had been on cortef 2-3 years. I stopped cold turkey a year ago, now off thyroid cold turkey for about week. It feels so good being free of psychological addicted drugs can cause. Gi recovery protocol is full steam a head I have all requirement for this to occur. Once thyroid is stable of 2 months and I am in the clear next thing is the testosterone. Before even attempting or thinking about even doing this you need to be under proper medical supervision of an very experienced medical provider. I am just reporting my experience. SO UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE DO THIS ON YOUR OWN. I am just stating it MAY be possible to come off depending if your biochemistry and structural pathology. This is what I am known for is having people reduce their meds while working along with their open mineded medical professionals. NEVER ALONE !!

    My dream was to change global views on health and wellness by making a positive influence with working with medical professionals not against them. In 2014 a friend of mine who almost died from illness which I helped her over come changed her career path. She is now in medical school in europe and wlll be a MD with ability to practice any where in over there. We will be working together on cases.

    I am currently in negotiate with people from South Africa who run a wellness center down where there medical system is a mess. I will have a full lab at my disposal as well as medical professional working along with me. I am planning on being flown down there in April to finalize things. This will be a huge step into helping them in the right direction of being introduce to western medical and naturopathic concepts.

    For me why I got into this field was not for money, fame , or ego. It was to share my knowledge with other medical professionals and people like yourself from all over the world in order to make a positive influence on peoples life. I do not need to drive a fancy car, worry about rain canceling my golfing, going on fancy trips, or living in a big house. All of those things are not what I am about. For God sake I live in a small apartment, drive 2000 honda civic, NO TV. I have learned to with just the necessities of life and I am completely happy !! It also keeps me very grounded and very humble..

    Keep the faith and knowing things will be better. One thing we forget about some times, People out there have it much worse then we do. They are suffering from cancer, soldiers are crippled from the war, and people are dying of disease. We need to be thankful for what we have vs what we don't
    I am not a medical Dr, please keep in mind that this answer is for information purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose, treat or replace sound medical advice from your physician or health care provider.

  2. Good luck to you!

  3. Still holding steady, Strength is going up in the gym notiiceably, Had shoulder injury for longest time it never been able to heal, work out first time in 6 months with out shoulder pain. I had not worked out in few weeks went back last time stronger then I left off. I am thinking my Free T is rising due to dropping in SHBG from being off the thyroid, I have sustained energy from morning to night no need for naps even when the weather gets cloudy like I normally have in the past. Muscles are much fuller, feeling like I am actually getting blood and nutrients in there for first time in long time. I am still working on GI tract heavily with 60% capaciity of anti inflammatory diet. Once I over this hump next is testosterone !! Best I felt mentally, emotionally, and having sustained energy through out day with out being over stimiulated. ITs nice to feel what being normal is like again..Still fine tuning some things.
    I am not a medical Dr, please keep in mind that this answer is for information purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose, treat or replace sound medical advice from your physician or health care provider.

  4. good work matrix

  5. Great news! I hope it holds up. I'd love to feel normal again some day.



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