gel or shot

  1. gel or shot

    If my doc decides to put me on testosterone replacement for a while, should I go with the gel or the shots? Are they both about the same price? I would rather have the shot, since I would be worried about transferring the gel to someone else if I touched them where it was applied. Will using testosterone replacement kill fertility? Is HCG the only way to keep my balls from disappearing?


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    go with shots, refuse to take the gell, reason is gell creates too much estrogen. suggest test cypionate, and hcg with keep your balls larger BUT for to accually increase sperm you need hmg. and it varys, test cyp can really lower your sperm but some guys have still got thier wives pregnant while on it. when you choose to have a kid, id shoot some hmg.

    I'm glad I haven't started anything yet, my doc said the gel was the best since it keeps a steady level, whereas the shot is up and down. I asked him if using the gel would aromatize much test to estrogen and he said no. He also said I shouldn't need an AI, didn't mention anything about HCG, I'll be sure to suggest it though. No, I'll DEMAND it haha

  3. Gel does not have a high rate of conversion, more to DHT. I prefer gels if using new androgel to start out remeasure in a week to see revaluate. Gels get such a bad rap but 4 pumps is putting people up into the 1100 TT range 2-3 hours. This gel tends to much more absorbent with less gel, and can workout, have contact in 2 hours. You do not start every thing at once, but one thing at a time. If you have childern then you may want to opt to shots, but starting out with gels would be the way to go. They are more biological correct.
    I am not a medical Dr, please keep in mind that this answer is for information purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose, treat or replace sound medical advice from your physician or health care provider.

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