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    I believe that when DANAZOL lowered my SHBG, my FreeT did go UP. The problem is I aromatized it into E2.
    Then my HPTA set point, lowered my LH because it saw enough (E2 + FT), and my TT crashed.

    Yes, it seems like I could use HCG or TRT to boost TT, an AI to control E2, and DANANZOL, Nettles,
    or oral DHT to control SHBG….But no I’m not going to.

    I have not found almost nothing, on the web, on how to raise my natural HPTA set point, which unfortunately
    slips lower with age. And I don’t think medicine has any idea what regulates the livers output of SHBG.
    I am not hypogonal primary or secondary, just low FT.

    The reason I don’t like using the OTC herbs for SHBG is I get a histamine reaction to many Phenols
    and I’m afraid that something like muira puana is going to add to this problem.
    Well open up you PST pathways then before taking them. I use genetic testing to help rule out these pathways which makes recovery more successful and less road blocks to deal with.
    I am not a medical Dr, please keep in mind that this answer is for information purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose, treat or replace sound medical advice from your physician or health care provider.

  2. I have very high histamine. My shbg came in really high recently. I am on Ketotifen - a mast cell blocker and h1 antagonist that also happens to boost T by preventing it's breakdown AND It also boosts igf1. After a couple of days I feel much better on Keto. I know my T is rising already because I am getting back acne for the first time in ten years. Histamine causes a rise in cortisol and adrenalin. To make so much cortisol histamine effectively steals pregnenolone from the manufacture of other hormones - including E and T. So you get depressed, and weak. Adrenalin is the default metabolic hormone, so poor sleep and anxiety are common. Ketotifen let's me prevent any histamine manufacture and any that gets away is blocked at H1. The boosted T is also a natural antihistamine so this drug breaks a viscious circle and creates a golden one because.... Keto also blocks excess cytokine production.
    How I got high histamine I do not know but constant exposure to a single allergen can do it eg dust mites, setting up a deteriorating loop of hormonal problems. Quercetin is also a great mast cell blocker and T booster so I will do both together and see how it works out. Why not look up reviews of both products in relation to histamine? I discovered my issue when I took clarityn and piriton for a few days and felt great.

  3. High SHBG can be a symptom of hypogonadism and also of androgen insensitivity syndrome. For hypogonadism, elevated shbg is an adaptive mechanism - it is literally rationing the remaining testosterone by preventing its degradation. I would have to look at some studies relative to shbg levels, but I would surmise that if your T production is compromised then shbg can act to build the blood level of T. Subsequently the total t blood test is skewed and not representative of a tual T production rates. Why? Because at any given moment, the Total T will maybe be as much as twice the actual level because the shbg is making it last twice as long in the serum. The shbg is effectively building the serum t level within it's own structure. I have not seen this issue discussed elsewhere, but it stands to reason that high shbg can be indicative of hypogonadism. Coupled with elevated/high levels of lh and fsh, alarm bells should be ringing - the body is working at maximum output to sustain T levels. Why some guys end up with high E and not SHBG in these cases seems a bit of a mystery, but if they have a predisposition to estrogen manufacture and metabolism via high levels of adipose tissue, that preferential pathway may mitigate any shbg activity ie suicide vs survival.

  4. Using stanozolol will be a double edged sword in such circumstances. It will liberate both E and T into active serum sex hormones. This is ok as long as there is enough T to meet needs, but if not then E will eventually dominate after a few days and lead to gyno - which is what quite a few report on forums. It seems a bit of a paradox, a drug that doesn't aromatise causing gyno, but actually it's secondary shbg suppressing effect is liberating potent quantities of E in certain individuals and potentially is a clear marker for hypogonadism. Supplemental T at larger than physiological doses, administered frequently, would likely mitigate this E 'rebound' by keeping the T:E ratio high. Intervention with an AI might be necessary, although slowly pressing down shbg with T and a little Winny might not need it if done carefully.

  5. Histamine was mentioned at the beginning of this post and deserves attention. Histamine is an intimate partner of estrogen in human chemistry. It exhibits many of the characteristics of estrogen, though it has it's own specific functions. A clue to this assumption is the anti estrogenic and anti aromotase effects of the antihistamine drug class. Examples include mirtazapine, and diphenhydramine. Histamine and estrogen promote each other's effects. You can see this effect in a woman's flushed face during sex or at a certain stage of their cycle. Blocking histamine, lowers the effects of estrogen. I wonder, if elevated histamine may be interpreted in males as elevated estrogen, causing a reactive rise in SHBG to control this pseudo estrogen and the E that accompanies it? Those with histamine and gut issues may not know that a major producer of histamine is the ubiquitous yoghurt culture strain - acidophilus. An imbalance, or heavy reliance on one type of consumed gut flora can and does lead to elevated histamine. This will be particularly noticeable about 30 minutes to an hour after a meal as the food is digested and histamine is released. In these cases a mast cell blocker like quercetin may not be any use - because it is the gut bugs and not the body itself which is releasing the histamine. Testing with an antihistamine like ceterizine might be prudent? Histamine in elevated levels will cause anxiety and depression as well as insomnia and diarrhoea, but I am interested in whether it is interpreted as a hormone and has knock on effects on the endocrine system. Those with naturally excessive levels of histamine tend to be hyper and skinny, suggesting a metabolic effect. Worth thinking about.



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