Metformin for anti-aging BUT lowers testosterone?

  1. Metformin for anti-aging BUT lowers testosterone?

    I'm taking metformin for anti aging and also to help prevent metabolic syndrome from developing (i take antipsychotics for bipolar disorder). However, I read somewhere that metformin can have a negative effect on T levels. I'm at 321, am 31 years old, am on a host of meds and supplements for bipolar disorder, but have also been on Axiron standard dose for 6 weeks which hasn't TOUCHED my T levels (they've actually gone down 10 points). I'mw ondering if it might be metformin? Anyone have any experience?

  2. There are two studies on metformin and testosterone. And unfortunately they produced opposite results. It's hard to say for sure but the decrease from metformin is possible.
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  3. Metformin has been showed to lower b-12 serums as well as possible folate levels. If people are on metformin I request them to have their dr check methylmalonic acid as it is a more accurate measure of b-12 in the mitochondrion not in the CNS. If you have good lifestyles, proper sleeping and eating habits as well as proper nutritional support then you may not need it at all. When people who have glucose issues and neck circumference is over 18 inch I will notify them they may want to do a sleep apnea test. Testosterone of 321 is low, but again proper evaluation of lifestyles and multiple other factors may help you find out why you are low. If your LH is low or something is altering the signal them correcting the underlying cause may get your own levels producing. There are multiple factors which can lower testosterone, only understanding the person's pathology will lead to what areas to explore.
    I am not a medical Dr, please keep in mind that this answer is for information purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose, treat or replace sound medical advice from your physician or health care provider.

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