Has anyone been on trt for 10 or more years

  1. Has anyone been on trt for 10 or more years

    im concern with being prescribing testosterone replacement therapy is to be ineffective in the long-term treatment of aging. have you had to keep uping the dose?

  2. Been "on" since 2007. Switched from gels to IM injections two years ago. Haven't had any issues. But, one time my doctor had me go "off" for a month to get a new baseline and my total T was 190. I felt like complete crap and hated the world. Never again will I go "off" test.

  3. If you stay in a healthy range, you shouldn't need to up the dose. That only occurs if you're constantly overloading your androgen receptors (ie: going over the range). This overtime, will downregulate the AR.

    You can always look into l-carnitine-l-tartarate (LCLT) to help prevent this.

    I occassional go 'off' by going onto HCG monotherapy. Once a year or so I've done this since starting. I wouldn't recommend it though honestly, unless you are really in tune with your body.

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